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The World’s First Ticklish Car

As a special one-off project as part of their Comic Relief fundraising ideas, Toyota has created the world’s first ticklish car. Working with an esteemed ‘celebrity consultant’ that goes by the name of Mr. Tickle, a team of highly trained engineers honed in on all of the car’s possible hot-spots to create this world-first.

He had this to say:

“I was tickled pink to be part of this brilliant idea. And thanks to my long arms and tickly fingers, I was able to help the designers add tickle-points to all those hard-to-reach places.

“I hope the Toyota and the funny movie will make everyone smile and give what they can to wonderful Red Nose Day”

President of Toyota GB, Matt Harrison, said: “Toyota has made millions of cars, but never one like this before. We hope the special Ticklish Toyota will help people have a real hoot raising money for Red Nose Day.”

The Ticklish Toyota will be touring around the UK in the coming weeks raising money for charity, as part of Toyota’s goal of raising £1m for Comic Relief.

Watch the video below as the car cackles, laughs, shoots water and shakes as people tickle the car on its wing mirrors, under its sides and along the dashboard.