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Why use winter tyres?

Toyota winter tyres are designed to provide superior grip on wet, snowy and icy roads. Their special tread pattern and compound remains supple when temperatures fall below 7ºC, dramatically reducing braking distances in harsh environments for a safer driving experience.

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

Toyota winter tyres have a higher natural rubber content than summer tyres, so remain supple in low temperatures, enhancing everyday driving and delivering peace of mind. Their unique tread patterns are designed to displace water and slush from under the tyre, reducing aquaplaning and braking distances. They also have small grooves, called sipes, in the tread block that bite into snowy and icy surfaces for superior grip.

When should you change to winter tyres?

Below 7º

Thanks to special tread patterns and more supple compounds, winter tyres provide superior grip and reduced braking distances when temperatures fall below 7ºC


Winter tyres have lots of small grooves, called sipes, in the tread block that ‘bite’ into snow and slush, providing better grip and reducing braking distances.


The combination of softer compounds and special tread patterns ensure winter tyres provide better grip and reduced braking distances on icy roads.
Can I add winter wheels to my Toyota?

From stylish alloys or purposeful steel rims, Toyota offers a choice of winter wheels that are ideally suited to cope with cold weather road conditions and the impacts of salt, chemicals and grit. To order winter tyres and wheels for any Toyota in our range – from Corolla and RAV4 to Prius and Yaris – or for more help and guidance, talk to us and we will help you build a personal plan for your wheel and tyre needs this winter.