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Used Toyota Hilux for Sale in Derby & Nottingham

Why buy a used Toyota Hilux ?

The Hilux is a durable, tough and reliable 4 wheel drive pick-up truck with huge capabilities in all terrains, especially off-road. The Hilux is also great for transporting, towing up to 3.5 tonnes, getting this from its 2.8L turbo diesel engine. Although it’s incredible abilities the Hilux still manages to fit in many comfort options like, footwell heating, adjustable seats and a JBL sound system allowing you to relax on every journey. Buying a used Toyota Hilux from us should never be a problem as we take care of our vehicles and do the necessary tests for your safety and satisfaction.


Why buy from Ron Brooks ?

Originally a family business founded in 1962, Ron Brooks is one of the oldest Toyota dealers in the UK. We have over 60+ years of experience to offer to customers, providing Knowledge that allows you to relax and let our team pick out the perfect Toyota Hilux for you. 

At Ron Brooks we understand the difficulty of picking and purchasing a car whether it’s new or used, so we extend our professional and personal advice to maximise your options and the possibilities they bring.