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Toyota Yaris Review

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review – A Small Car Turned Big!


Toyota Yaris Overview

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is coming up to 3 years old, which means it’s the perfect bargain for people looking for a cheap city car with low maintenance costs and packed with tech. Launching in 2020, the used market is slowly starting to fill up with Toyota Yaris Hybrids for sale, so read on to see if this is the next car for you!

Toyota have introduced a hybrid motor to the latest model of the Yaris, making it a very desirable car for commuters and long trips on the motorway, while being small enough to chuck into a parking space without worry of damaging any mirrors or body panels. The Yaris, once known as your average city cruiser, has now received a stylish update, along with a range of other Toyota models


Yaris Interior Review

The inside of Yaris has been uplifted to match the outside, adding comfort and technology. In front of the driver is a 3 spoke sporty looking steering wheel in soft nappa leather, similar to one you find in a German executive saloon! The dashboard is covered in the same leather in a two layer design, with a prominent infotainment screen located in the centre of the dashboard. The instrument cluster is simple and easy to read, and the visuals are sharp and clear to read in daylight. The optional sunroof makes the cabin light and airy, as well as a lighter coloured interior which makes the interior feel a lot more spacious. Visibility is great too, the seating position is traditionally high in a Yaris, and this model is no exception, similar to a small SUV.


How Does The Yaris Drive?

The chunky steering wheel of the Yaris makes the driving characteristics a lot more sporty than you would first imagine. There is enough response to feel secure in the corners, with lots of front end grip and not a lot of body roll. The CVT gearbox isn’t quite a dual clutch transmission, but the hybrid motors mask the lack of responsiveness effectively and slushes the gears nicely for a smooth drive. Being ideal for the city, this really won’t be a problem and will actually be perfect for most people. 

At lower speeds, the Yaris relies on electric power to propel itself around, making it quiet and relaxing. The suspension on the Yaris is on the firmer side, but will still be plenty comfortable over bumps. The other point to mention would be motorway driving. Being a small car, this will be the case with thinner tyres and not much weight, you will find yourself a little more stable in something like a RAV4, but it’s a tiny kink in the Yaris’ armour. 

Overall, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a fantastic choice for the everyday commuter who mainly does city driving and small trips to town. It can handle the occasional motorway drive, but given the small engine and smaller frame, you’d likely want to opt for something larger if longer trips are more of a daily occurrence in your life. Looking for your next vehicle? Check out our stock at Ron Brooks and speak to one of our experts who will be more than happy to help you with your motor needs.