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Toyota Stories: What’s Yours?

Over the past couple of years, Toyota GB have been digging out some wonderful stories featuring Toyota vehicles and their owners, publishing them on their blog for the world to see. We’ve seen everything from mega mileages and a classic Corolla, to a Hilux that just won’t give up. Here we round up the best ones for you.

Bob Bacon and His Toyota Hilux

Bob Bacon is a Cumbrian Farmer who purchased his fourth-generation Toyota Hilux over 30 years ago as a workhorse for his farm. There wasn’t many around his area at the time but the strong chassis, 2.4-litre diesel engine and 4WD drivetrain were big selling points for Bob. He also enjoys the high driving position that makes him feel safe behind the wheel. ‘It does the job’ he says, with a beaming smile. It’s handled everything the Cumbrian hills can throw at it, travelling through wet and muddy fields and getting up snowy hills without a problem. It’s now covered over 257,000 miles and is still going strong. Bob even jokes that he’s had plenty of people try to buy it off him, but of course he doesn’t want to sell. Watch bob’s story below.

Graeme Calvin’s Classic Corolla

Graeme’s lovely Toyota Corolla Deluxe was sold by his father, who was a Toyota Salesman at the time, in 1977 to a couple who enjoyed nearly 40 years of loyal and dependable service. That couple recently sold the car back to Graeme Calvin’s family, and he enjoys driving the 1200cc, 4 speed Corolla through the winding roads of the Lake District. The car has not been modified in any way, with Toyota stamped even on the wiper blades. Take a trip down memory lane by watching the video below.

Christopher Pickup #LoveHybrid

Christopher Pickup is a man who is passionate about energy saving. Browsing YouTube one day looking for a new car, he came across the Toyota Hybrid range which conserves energy and fuel using an electric motor combined with a petrol engine. ‘You don’t have to plug it in!’ he says, astonished at the amount of people asking him where the plug socket is. He particularly enjoys the fact that when he’s sat in traffic in his Auris Hybrid on his commute he’s not using any fuel – as oppose to everyone else in conventionally powered cars. See the video below.

Bob Old and his mega-mileage Prius

Bob Old is the latest owner to have declared his Toyota Prius the most reliable car he’s ever owned, having covered over 365,000 miles in his 2nd generation, 2004 example. When purchasing his Prius, he was looking for a car that was reliable, simple maintain and economical. Thanks to its advanced hybrid technology, the Prius fits that bill perfectly.

Have you got a Toyota Story?

If you’ve got a Toyota story, please let us know. Email or drop us a line on Twitter to get in touch. We’ll pass it on to Toyota and you might just be the next featured owner on Toyota stories!