Toyota Genuine Parts

Be sure to stop at Ron Brooks in Ilkeston and Mansfield for amazing prices on Genuine Toyota Service Parts. We understand that you and your customers need the very best parts at the very best prices, so that’s what provide at Ron Brooks. We offer great prices on Genuine Toyota Brake Pads and Pad & Disc sets, so you can benefit from Toyota Quality at motor factor beating prices!

Our suppliers (Toyota of Great Britain) hold £12 million worth of stock in UK warehouses, with 79,000 different part numbers. Service parts are delivered on-time with no back orders in 99.4% of cases.

Why use Genuine Toyota Parts from Ron Brooks?

The main benefit of Genuine Toyota Parts is that you’re fitting the same parts the car was manufactured with in the first place, meaning an exact fit and guaranteed quality, giving both you and your customers peace of mind. Other benefits include:

  • Large range in stock
    We carry a wide range of parts in stock including brakes, wiper blades, oil filters, service kits, tyres and much more.
  • Free delivery (Trade Only)
    We offer a free parts delivery service for trade customers (in the areas local to our dealerships) on all orders, no matter how big or how small the order may be.
  • Same day availability
    With a Toyota Rapid Response supply chain we have deliveries to our parts depots twice a day, so even special order parts can be delivered the same day.
  • 12 Month Warranty
    All genuine Toyota parts come with a 12 month warranty, giving you further peace of mind about the quality of parts you are purchasing.
Optifit Toyota Parts

We are also pleased to be able to offer our customers Optifit parts. The Optifit range includes batteries, radiators, bulbs, brake discs, brake pads and fuel filters as well as rotating electrical parts.