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Toyota Named World’s Most Valuable Automotive Brand

The BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report has today named Toyota as the world’s most valuable automotive brand, valued at $28.9bn (£18.9bn).

The valuation is not just based on vehicle sales, though they have increased. It also includes other brand attributes such as consumer perception, product delivery, clarity of positioning and leadership. In other words Toyota, as the world’s largest automotive retailer sell the most cars, have the best production and delivery process, the most clear positioning (as hybrid and quality pioneers) and lead the automotive sector in developing the cars of the future.

Having sold 10.2 million vehicles in 2014, Toyota outperformed most manufacturers and recorded a 2.5% increase in total vehicle sales, which improved their overall ranking in the report of 30th, ahead of the likes of BMW (34th place), Mercedes and Honda (78th). Apple was the overall winner, ahead of Google and Microsoft in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The report states that product quality has improved significantly across all car manufacturers and as such it is becoming ever more difficult to differentiate. Where the rest of the industry has pushed diesel technology, Toyota has stuck to its hybrid guns and is by far and away the leader in this particular field, having sold over 7 million hybrid vehicles worldwide since the introduction of the original Prius back in 1997.

Toyota are leading the Hydrogen pack too, with the company’s first commercially available fuel cell vehicle being launched in 2014 – the Toyota Mirai, which is due to hit UK shores this year to a handful of pre-selected buyers.
The list is compiled by Millward Brown Optimor and is commissioned by WPP. It surveys 2 million consumers in over 30 different countries worldwide while gathering the information.

What the list does prove is that when you buy a Toyota, you know you’re getting the best cars in the world.