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Flying cars, zero emission hoverboards, space buggies for moons and planets? Who knows what the future of mobility will look like, so Toyota is inviting children across the UK to share their wildest and most imaginative car design, as entries open for the 2021 Dream Car Art Contest.

The contest has attracted more than 6.2 million entries from children in more than 100 countries worldwide since 2004, so you don’t want to miss out on the 14th annual competition. Previous winners’ designs have featured a pod that takes lonely pensioners for an adventure, nanoscopic ‘bumper cars’ with healing properties and a car that lowers the temperature of the ocean, preventing the bleaching of coral reefs and the melting of icecaps.

So, if you have a vision of what the future of mobility could look like, continue reading to find out how you can share this with the UK and maybe even the world!


Anyone who is under 15 years old, who lives in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands, can enter the Dream Car Art Competition, with entries split into three categories:
• Category 1: Under 8 years old
• Category 2: 8-11 years old
• Category 3: 12-15 years old


The opening date for competition entries is 5th October and the last date for submission is 4th December. The UK awards ceremony will then be held on the Friday 5th February.


We won’t be accepting entries that contain CG pictures made using a computer, collages, cut outs, or anything not hand drawn by you. Designs put together by lots of people also won’t be accepted. You can still use all forms of coloured pencils, markers, crayons and water paints because the artwork must involve colour, so be sure to draw a background too! Entries also need to be on A3 or A4 paper to be accepted.

To enter, please download an entry form:

Dream Car Submission Form

Then, once you have your final creation, simply attach the fully completed form (including permission from a parent or legal guardian) and send it to:

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
Unit 10 Honywood Business Park,
Honywood Road,
SS14 3HW