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Toyota at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota’s latest vehicles return back to Japan for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, and include spectacular vehicles and concept cars, some of which will be in Ron Brooks showrooms very soon. The 5 models that will take centre stage this year are the all-new 2016 Prius and 2016 CH-R which will be shown very close to ‘production’ specification.

New 2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius

The new model Prius, which was announced a few weeks ago, will be on the stand to show the world the next generation of petrol-electric hybrid vehicle. The all new model will set new benchmarks for fuel efficiency and performance from hybrids, with some stunning revolutions that were revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier in the year.

New 2016 Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR

Toyota’s entry into the small crossover market will be with us and in Ron Brooks dealerships in 2016. This striking model will feature hybrid technology to make it both efficient and good to drive, and the Chief Engineer of the concept, Hiro Koba, has promised to keep the incredible looks for the production version, saying in a recent interview with Top Gear magazine:

“There are now so many compact crossovers. Toyota is late. So we need to be distinctive. Customers for these vehicles want a crossover for style. They want to show individuality.”

“They mostly travel alone or with one passenger, and don’t have much stuff with them. So I traded rear room and visibility, and luggage space, for style.”

Toyota S-FR

Toyota S-FR

A brand new concept, making its world premiere, the S-FR sports car is built in homage to Toyota’s historic light-weight sports cars that are built purely for the love of driving, such as the Toyota 2000GT, S800 and of course the GT86.

The S-FR is designed as a cheaper entry route to a front-engined rear-wheel-drive sports car than is currently offered by manufacturers, and is much shorter, slimmer and lighter than even a GT86, which is itself renowned for being lightweight. It has a remit of making people fall in love with driving again, which is one of Toyota’s key areas of focus since Akio Toyoda took charge of the global brand. The rounded body shape, powertrain layout and cute looks would surely win over the hearts of tuners and sports car enthusiasts worldwide if it were put into production, but for now it remains a concept car only.

Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota’s vision for the world is one where hydrogen is at the heart of power generation, not just for vehicles but in the home and in the office, too. Because Hydrogen is easy to store, environmentally friendly and can be made from a variety of raw materials, it is a more than viable means of powering future generations.

Toyota’s FCV Plus is a much more than a hydrogen-powered vehicle. If that in itself was not impressive enough, this revolutionary car can power your home, using the fuel cell stack sat between the front wheels as a device to generate electricity.

Toyota KIKAI

Toyota KIKAI

KIKAI is something completely different – it’s a car where the mechanical components are exposed to the elements so that the driver and pedestrians can appreciate the beauty of machines.

As you drive along you are able to watch the front suspension arm adjusting to the surface of the road, and you can even view that very road surface (as well as the tyres and other suspension components) through a window positioned near to the driver’s feet.

Kirobo Mini

Toyota Kirobo Mini

Kirobo Mini is a, well, miniature version of the full size robot that travelled to the International Space Station earlier this year, gaining fans all around the world. Being just 100mm tall Kirobo Mini weighs just 200g, and is able to communicate with humans through a series of hand gestures and expressions.

Kirobo is part of Toyota’s ongoing research into meaningful communications between robots and people.

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