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The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid & Electric Toyotas

Since producing the first Prius in 1997, Toyota has sold more than fifteen million hybrid electric vehicles around the world, saving more than 118 million tonnes of CO2.

Toyota has more hybrid models in more marketing segments than any other car manufacturer. 20 in Europe and 40 globally. According to Toyota, one out of two cars sold in Europe in 2019 was a hybrid. 3 years later that share continues to grow.

Toyota has released multiple hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, made to suit every driver. But what is the difference between each? We have broken down each model and spec to make it easier to find the right hybrid Toyota for you! Here’s what you need to know about each model. 

Toyota Yaris & Yaris Cross


The Toyota Yaris has been a firm favourite for drivers for years. Now, it’s been adapted to a self-charging Hybrid

Available as the Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a 1.5L Petrol Hybrid vehicle engine that produces 116 horsepower. The Yaris has a top speed of 108 mph and can do 0-62mphin 9.7s. 

Each of the different models of cars have slight tweaks in the spec, we have picked out 5 different features which sets the Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport apart. 

Yaris Design  

  • ・Privacy Glass.
  • ・Rear power windows.
  • ・8” infotainment system. 
  • ・LED rear combination lights.
  • ・LED daytime running lights


  • ・Front and rear intelligent parking sensor with automatic braking and clearance sonar. 
  • ・6 speakers 
  • ・Blind-spot monitor 
  • ・Automatic retractable door mirrors
  • ・17” alloy wheels 

GR Sport

  • ・Suspension turning (GR Sport) 
  • ・Sport seats
  • ・Reversing camera 
  • ・Dual-zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・18” alloy wheels


  • ・Automatic air conditioning 
  • ・Auto wipers 
  • ・7” Pro Touch infotainment system 
  • ・Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Smartphone connectivity
  • ・16” Chrome Alloy Wheels

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Yaris Cross

The Yaris Cross, a SUV packed with technology. 

When choosing your Yaris Cross, there are two engine choices. The first choice is a 1.5 Petrol Hybrid engine with front wheel drive. This produced 116 horsepower and the MPG is between 54.3 and 64.1. With this engine choice, you get 5 different options: Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic and Premiere Edition. Similar to the Yaris, each of these options have slightly different specs. The main differences include size and type of alloy wheels, infotainment system (either the 8” Toyota Touch 2 or 9” HD Toyota Smart Connect) and driver’s aids ranging from Adaptive Cruise Control to pre-collision systems. 

The second choice of engine is also a 1.5 Petrol Hybrid but with ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’. This produces 116 horsepower and the MPG is 55.3. With this engine, the Yaris Cross Dynamic is the one for you. The Dynamic is equipped with a 9-inch HD Toyota Smart Connect infotainment system with smartphone connectivity and navigation. The Dynamic also features ‘Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control’ and ‘dual-zone automatic air conditioning’.

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Just like the Toyota Yaris Cross, the C-HR has two different engine options. The first option is a 1.8L Petrol Hybrid engine with Front Wheel Drive. This produces 122 horsepower and the MPG is between 53.2 and 57.6. The second option is a 2.0L Petrol Hybrid engine with front wheel drive. This produces 184 horsepower and the MPG is between 49.5 and 53.2, making it a slightly more powerful engine. 

If you chose the 1.8L option, you have the choice of the Icon, Design, Excel and the GR Sport. If you chose the 2.0L option, you have the choice of the Design, Excel and the GR Sport but not the Icon.

With 4 different options available, it can be difficult to decide which one to pick. These are 5 different features that set the Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport apart. 


  • ・Lane Trace Assist 
  • ・8” Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system 
  • ・Reversing Camera 
  • ・Dual-Zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Smartphone connectivity 


  • ・8” Toyota Smart Connect infotainment
  • ・system with Apple car play 
  • ・Heated seats 
  • ・Front and rear parking sensors 
  • ・Simple Intelligent Parking Assist 
  • ・Smart entry


  • ・Heater steering wheel 
  • ・Puddle lights 
  • ・Blind spot monitors 
  • ・Adaptive front light system (LED) 
  • ・18” Dark Chrome Alloy wheels 

GR Sport

  • ・GR Sport badging
  • ・GR Sport Scuff plates
  • ・GR Sport Rear Diffuser 
  • ・Smoke tinted headlights 
  • ・Rear Cross Traffic Alert 

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Toyota Corolla Hatchback & Corolla Touring Sport

Corolla Hatchback

Just like the Yaris Cross and C-HR, the Corolla Hatchback has two different choices of engines:

  • ・1.8L Petrol Hybrid – 122hp – 55.3 to 62.7 MPG
  • ・2.0L Petrol Hybrid – 184hp – 50.4 to 57.6 MPG 

However, no matter which engine you choose all 5 different models are available. These are the Icon, Icon Tech, Design, GR Sport and the Excel. These cars have some features which you may not be able to find on other hybrid models. 


  • ・Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 
  • ・Bluetooth 
  • ・Adaptive cruise control 
  • ・Automatic headlights 
  • ・Heated seats 

Icon Tech

  • ・Rear and front parking sensors
  • ・7” Coloured TFT screen for multi-information display 
  • ・Parking assist 
  • ・Adaptive cruise control 
  • ・16” alloy wheels


  • ・17” alloy wheels 
  • ・Automatic folding door mirrors 
  • ・Automatic dimming rear view mirror 
  • ・Auto wipers 
  • ・LED front fog lights 

GR Sport 

  • ・18” alloy wheels 
  • ・Heads up display 
  • ・Coloured TFT information display
  • ・Sport seats 
  • ・GR Sport badge and door scuff plates


  • ・Parking assist 
  • ・Black with red accents leather sports seats 
  • ・Smart entry
  • ・LED Dual-beam projector headlights 
  • ・Reversing camera 

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Corolla Touring Sport 

The Corolla Touring Sport has the same engine options available and the same models with the same spec as listed above. However, there is an addition. The TREK. Only available with the 2.0L petrol Hybrid engine, key features on the TREK including ‘Hill-Start Assist Control’, ‘Black wheel arch moulding’, privacy glass, ‘TREK badge on the boot’, ‘TREK door scuff plates’, ‘kick-activated boot opening’ and ‘follow-me-home headlights’.  

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Toyota RAV4 & RAV4 Plug-in hybrid


The RAV4 has a choice of two engines. Both are 2.5L Petrol Hybrid engines, one with front wheel drive and 218HP. The second one has ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’ with 222HP. 

With the FWD, the models available include the Icon, Design, Excel and Dynamic. Just like the other models, the 4 different models have slight tweaks in the specification. The main differences include driver aids (including pre-collision systems, Lane Trace Assist and Blind Spot Monitor) and infotainment such as the ‘Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation’ and ‘Smartphone integration’. With the ‘Intelligent AWD’, the Icon is not included but there is an addition. 

The Adventure is one of the models available that is only found in the RAV4 models with the intelligent AWD. The Adventure’s features include puddle lights, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, ‘Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation’, ‘Toyota Skyview Panoramic roof’ and boot underfloor storage. 

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RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid

If you are interested in a Plug-in Hybrid, check out the RAV4 PHEV. Equipped with a 2.5L Petrol Hybrid engine with 306HP and ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’. This engine does 282.4 MPG. There are three options available: the Design, the Dynamic and Dynamic Premium. These are the main differences between the models. 


  • ・Fast charge 32A Mennekes cable
  • ・Rear cross traffic alert 
  • ・9” Toyota Touch 2 
  • ・18” alloy wheels 
  • ・Pre-collision systems 


  • ・19” alloy wheels 
  • ・Wireless mobile phone charger
  • ・Power back door
  • ・Remote controlled Dual-zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・9” Toyota Touch 2 

Dynamic Premium

  • ・JBL Premium Sound Systems  
  • ・9 Speakers 
  • ・Memory function on driver seats 
  • ・Panoramic roof 
  • ・Heads Up Display

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Toyota Highlander

The final model of the Hybrid Toyota is the Highlander. The engine is a 2.5 petrol Hybrid engine with ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’ and 248HP. The two models of choice are the Excel and the Excel Premium.

The Excel is equipped with a panoramic roof, pre-collision systems with cyclist detection, and intersection turn assist, ‘Lane Trace Assist’ ‘JBL Premium Sound System’ and ‘Rear Cross Traffic Alert with Automatic Braking’. The Excel Premium includes ‘Smart rear-view mirrors’, a heated steering wheel and seats, heads up display and ‘Panoramic View Monitor’. 

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Electric Toyotas 

Toyota has announced that at least 10 new battery EVs are due in the next 5 years. According to Move Electric, six models within Toyota’s Beyond Zero range could be on sale by the end of 2026. It has also been tipped that Toyota’s concept car bZ Compact SUV Concept could be revealed in its production form in 2023. 

However, you don’t need to wait until then to get your hand on Toyota EVs! Two are available to buy now – the Toyota bZ4X & Proace Electric!

Toyota bZ4X

The Toyota bZ4X is Toyota’s “ultimate all-electric SUV”. With 317 miles of range on a full charge, the bZ4X has a sleek design and a confident and imposing presence. If you are looking for a fantastic driving experience, the bZ4X has outstanding performance. This EV is very responsive with great speed and torque. 

To make charging easier, the bZ4X has three charging options that allow for flexibility. These three options are rapid public charging, plug into a socket at home or a fast charging wall box. 

The Toyota bZ4X has three options: Vision, Pure and Motion. Each of these has a few tweaks in the spec to set them apart. Here are the main differences: 


  • ・20” Alloy wheels 
  • ・Kick-activated power back door
  • ・Advanced parking assist 
  • ・Intelligent Clearance Sonar 
  • ・Memory Function on driver seat
  • ・Additional 160kw Motor & 71.4 kWh battery option (218hp)


  • ・18” Alloy wheels 
  • ・8” Toyota Smart Connect with smartphone connectivity 
  • ・Reversing camera 
  • ・Energy Saving Heat Pump
  • ・Pre-Collision System 


  • ・18” Alloy wheels 
  • ・12.3” HD Toyota Smart Connect with smartphone connectivity
  • ・Wireless phone charging 
  • ・360 Panoramic View Monitor 
  • ・Driver Monitoring Camera
  • ・Additional 160kw Motor & 71.4 kWh battery option (218hp)

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Proace Electric

“A van for all your business needs”! Combining the practicality and capabilities of the original Proace with an efficient electric battery, the Proace Electric is reliable and built to last. With a range from 142 to 205 miles, the Proace can do it all. 

There are two different engines available for the Proace Electric, this is the 50kWh battery with 150hp and the 75kWh battery with 175hp. Looking at payload weight, the 75kWh battery has a maximum weight of 100kg. The 50kWh battery has a payload weight of 1,226kg and a 1,000kg towing capacity. 

The specification of the Proace Electric includes 

  • ・16” Steel wheels 
  • ・7” Pro Touch multimedia system 
  • ・Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation 
  • ・Two side sliding doors 
  • ・180-degree opening on rear wind doors. 

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And those are the hybrid and electric vehicles that Toyota have to offer. Check out our range of Toyota, new and used at our Nottingham and Derby dealerships. For more information and news, check out our news page.