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Suzuki Swift Farewell Charity Tour

Members of the regional Suzuki Finance team are travelling the length and breadth of the UK in an old-model Suzuki Swift, to celebrate its successor, which launched on June 1st 2017.


They’re visiting every Suzuki dealer in the UK, offering staff members of Suzuki dealer network the chance to sign the special Swift, which has been wrapped in white vinyl. Upon reaching Ron Brooks, the Swift already carried the signatures of 100s of Suzuki  dealer staff, to which Laura from Service, Rob, Brent and Neil from Sales, Nathan from Marketing and Mike the Dealer Principal added their respective scribbles after a visit from Richard who works for Suzuki Finance.


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The tour is partly to say goodbye to the Swift which has sold so well for Suzuki in the last 12 years, but also to raise money for two of Suzuki’s chosen charity partners, Mental Health UK and BEN, the automotive charity. Ron Brooks Mansfield made a donation of £250 towards their efforts.


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Over 60,000 new Swifts have been funded through Suzuki Finance since its introduction, thanks to distinctive looks, great handling, competitive pricing and great offers that makes the car very affordable for new car buyers in the UK.


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The Swift is dead. Long live the Swift!