Air Conditioning Refresh & Re-Gas

Available From £79.95 + VAT in Mansfield*
Air conditioning anti-bacterial cleanse refresh only £24.99 incl VAT (when quoting offer code RB25)
When was the last time your air conditioning system was checked?

Whether you’re heading off on holiday or heading into town, you need complete comfort and control. In your car, the best source of comfort comes from your air-conditioning.

When it’s performing at 100% efficiency, you can be sure of maximum comfort for you, and your passengers, in all kinds of driving so you can get on with the business of making the most of your Summer. We off this service to all makes and model of vehicle*.

Why does my air conditioning system need a service?

When your air-conditioning system isn’t used regularly, bacteria and mould may develop from a combination of condensation and heat from the engine. A Suzuki air-conditioning service is a thorough check of your air-conditioning system by a Suzuki trained Technician who knows your car inside and out.

We’ll check for leaks and damages to pipework, we’ll re-gas the air-conditioning system, we’ll check air circulation, change the air-conditioning filter and check all controls.

What is an anti-bacterial cleanse and what are the benefits?
  • Stops unpleasant odour effectively
  • Injected into the system (not just released and circulated)
  • Removes germs, bacteria and fungus (linked to respiratory issues)
  • Preventive effect inhibiting bacteria and micro-organism growth

What’s the solution?

We offer an Air Conditioning Refresh and Re-gas service for all makes and models of vehicle*. During this procedure, our Suzuki Technicians will:

Deep cleanse the system, eliminating bacteria and mould that can cause unpleasant odours
Check the system for any damage, leaks or other problems that may have arisen
Check and top-up the air con with the correct amount of refrigerant gas
Make sure that healthy, clean air is circulating around your car with the air con on

COVID-19 Air Conditioning Offer

Ron Brooks are also offering 15% off our air conditioning antibacterial cleanse, now priced only £24.99.

Overtime bacteria, mould and fungus can build up in the system leading to poor airflow which can aggravate allergies and is linked to respiratory issues. The cleanse, which incorporates antiviral properties, removes and further prevents germs and bacteria and the vehicle interior will smell clean and fresh. Further, now summer is here for every air conditioning service we will give your system a FREE antibacterial cleanse. Please quote RB25 to take advantage of these offers.

Service Type Price
Anti-bacterial Cleanse £24.99 incl VAT
Full “Re-fresh and Re-gas” Service (incl. cleanse) From £79.95 + VAT*

Our air conditioning services, whether its just an Anti-bacterial cleanse or a full refresh and re-gas, are available to book now at our Suzuki dealership in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Both processes take less than an hour to complete. Book online or give us a call to book your car in today. Alternatively, why not ask for the procedure to be carried out as part of your regular annual service?

*Excludes cars requiring R1234YF gas. Please call us if you are not sure what type of gas your car requires.