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Suzuki Baleno: Best Real World Fuel Economy

The Suzuki Baleno has been named as the car that achieves the “Best Real MPG” at the 2017 awards, held at a ceremony in London on 18 May.


The “Real MPG” is calculated by the readings provided by actual drivers, a scheme which was set up in 2006 following complaints that vehicles are regularly not meeting their claimed average fuel economy, as per the EC tests. The database has had over 121,000 submissions covering 2,500 model and engine configurations.


Managing Editor of, Dan Powell, comments:


New Suzuki Baleno


“When it comes to real world fuel economy, few cars can match the outstanding Real MPG of the Suzuki Baleno 1.0 BoosterJet. Over the past 12 months, the compact hatchback has outperformed all its rivals for on-the-road economy, averaging an impressive 99 per cent of its advertised figure. This means a typical driver will get 59.3mpg from the super Suzuki.”


The excellent fuel economy is down to a couple of factors, including the cars lightweight but solid construction and the brilliant 1.0-litre boosterjet turbocharged engine, which offers plenty of performance with no economy sacrifice.


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