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Ron Brooks Staff Spotlight: Neil Haynes

Name: Neil Haynes

Dealership: Ilkeston

Job Role: Assistant Sales Manager

Latest update: I became grandfather to three girls in one week late May 2015!

Hobbies: Looking after three Huskies takes up pretty much all of my time! I’ve also recently got into body art (tattoos).

Favourite Food: You can’t beat a traditional Sunday Roast – with Brussel sprouts of course.

What was your first car?

1978 Talbot Sunbeam in Willow Green.

How long have you been selling cars?

Since 1978. 37 years and counting!

When did you start working for Ron Brooks?

I Joined in 2004. For my first 6 months I was working out of a marquee on a building site while the new showroom was being built – I wondered what I’d let myself in for! But once it was built it was certainly worth the wait.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Still to this day, after all these years, customer satisfaction. From a professional point of view, there’s nothing better than seeing a happy customer drive away in their new car.

Through the years, have you had any celebrity customers? 

I’ve sold cars to Bert Tilsley (who appeared in Coronation Street in the 80s), the Duke and Dutchess of Chatsworth, Lady Jane Okeover, comedian Duncan Norvelle, Bernie Clifton and his Ostrich and Sue Jenkins from the hit soap drama Brookside.

What’s made you proud to work at Ron Brooks in the last year?

We did some excellent work raising over £12,500 for Comic Relief this year. I myself got in a bath of gunge for 6 hours and played butler for a day to one of my customers – chauffeuring and dusting were just some of my duties!

Neil Dusting
Neil Haynes Butler For a Day


Neil’s Husky Dog
Neil Gunge
Neil takes a bath in gunge for Comic Relief