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Staff Spotlight: Andrew Wragg

This month the spotlight shines on our award-winning Business Manager, Andrew Wragg, who works at our Toyota/Suzuki dealerships in Mansfield.

Job Title: Business Manager

When did you start working for Ron Brooks?

I’ve just completed my 7th year of service so it will have been March 2009. I started at Mansfield and then I was between Ilkeston and Mansfield for about 18 months before returning full time here. I’ve been with the Toyota brand for 13 years.

What’s your latest update?

At work, I’ve just freshly passed the £60 million mark in advance finance payments for cars funded through Toyota Financial Services, something which I am very proud of, and I have also recently been presented with a trophy at the Toyota “Always a better way Live” event where myself and colleagues Mark Hicklin and John Thorpe scored the most points during the day’s activities.

I’ve also just become involved with Suzuki Finance which is very exciting having to learn a new franchise and it’s nice to see more new customers coming to Ron Brooks.

At home, I’ve just taken on another dog, Walt, who is named after Walter White on Breaking Bad which was my favourite show at the time.

Walt The Dog
Andrew’s Dog, Walt, who is named after Walter White on Breaking Bad

What do you like about working at Ron Brooks?

The people I work with. I like the products we sell, and I like the company ethos as they treat all their staff fairly. It’s a nice atmosphere to work in and everybody gets along (most of the time!). I like the fact that it’s a family run dealership group as there aren’t many of those in the area. I also appreciate the way Ron Brooks treats customers because it gives me confidence knowing that we will always do right by them.

What was your first car?

My first car was a beautiful, brown, B-reg Vauxhall Nova. My second car when I was 18 was purchased from Neil Haynes who at the time worked for a used car dealership in Chesterfield. That’s how I got into the motor trade because at the time I was dating Neil’s sister in law, and he got me a trial at a Subaru dealership in Matlock. We’ve stayed friends ever since I first met him in 1992, over 24 years now.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am the ‘king of the dealership’ on Fifa 16, I regularly play (and beat) other staff members at Ron Brooks. I also enjoy walking the dogs, going away on holiday and just normal things really like watching TV box sets, going to the pictures, that sort of thing. I’m soon off on holiday with the family to Northumberland for about the 15th time!

Andrew Wragg Business Manager
Andrew with his awards, one of which is for Business Manager of the Year

If we asked your colleagues to describe you, what would they say?

I would hope that they would say that I am a nice guy, good at his job and that I am a fair and approachable person who is very easy going and good to work with.

To put that theory to the test, we asked Mark Hicklin how he would describe you:

“I’ve worked with Andrew for 13 years, ever since he started with Toyota. In my opinion he is the number one Business Manager in the Toyota network. We work very well together and he works hard to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction with Ron Brooks Toyota Mansfield.”

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