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Ron Brooks Dream Car Contest

This is the 12th year of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest where children up to the age of 15 are asked to design a car and submit it to Toyota. It encourages children to express their creativity and imagination by drawing or painting their dream car. Whether it’s a ‘happy van’ telling jokes and sharing sweets, or a solar powered turtle car cleaning the land and sea of waste.

Back in December Ron Brooks challenged three local schools to take part in the Toyota Dream Car competition. The winners of which will each receive a £20 Amazon voucher and art equipment. After a very difficult decision process, we have been able to choose one winner from each school.

The three schools who have taken part were Stanley Common C of E School, Morley Primary School and Mapperley C of E School. All of which are in and around Ilkeston. The winners where Millie Holloway (Morley Primary School), Lola Allen (Stanley Common C of E School) and Ella Parkes (Mapperley C of E School).


Millie Holloway’s “Dragon Car” (Morley Primary School)

Joseph, Group Marketing Executive, handing Millie her prize.

Lola Allen’s “Time Lapper” Car (Stanley Common C of E School)

Adam Lyons, Group HR Manager, handing Lola her prize.

Ella Parkes’ “Unicorn Wishes” car (Mapperley C of E School)

Adam Lyons, Group HR Manager, handing Ella her prize.