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“One of the best pickups to drive”

Recently released a review of the Toyota Hilux pickup do you agree with what they have said?
“One of the original pickup models, the Toyota Hilux has garnered a great reputation for dependability and has evolved over the decades to get better and better,” says Carbuyer.
“The engine line-up is simplicity itself, with your only choice being whether to have the 148bhp 2.4-litre diesel with a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox. The manual should be cheaper to run, managing 40.4mpg (versus 36.2mpg for the automatic), while emitting 187g/ km of CO2. While this is higher than most cars, pickups are taxed as light commercial vehicles at a flat rate of £230 per year, with reduced Benefit-in-Kind company car tax rates if used for business.”
“Performance is reasonable, getting the Hilux from 0-62mph in just over 12 seconds, but rivals including the Navara and Amarok are faster. That’s only half the story, however, as the Hilux is one of the best pickups to drive, with accurate steering and comfortable suspension.”
Meanwhile, “inside the Double Cab, there’s plenty of room for two adults in the front and back seats and interior quality is impressive for a pickup. Toyota has done a good job of making the dashboard attractive while keeping it tough and robust, so it’s not that far away from Toyota’s road cars.” Overall, the Hilux “is a pick-up renowned for its reliability and tough build quality, with the latest version being more family friendly, too.”
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