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New 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport – First Pictures

Suzuki have released some initial images of the all new 2018 Swift Sport hot hatchback. 


Finished in bright yellow paintwork, a colour which it remains unclear at the moment whether it will be offered to British buyers, these first pics offer a glimpse of what is a very exciting upcoming model launch for Suzuki.


new suzuki swift sport


An aggressive front grille, plus a lower and more purposeful front stance plus super stylish alloy wheels separate the Sport from its 1.0-litre boosterjet stablemates. The sports exhaust and twin rear tailpipe setup which was a hallmark of both previous generations of Swift sport have been carried over.


new suzuki swift sport tailpipes


Inside the new Swift Sport you’ll find body-hugging sports seats with the “sport” logo embroidered into the headrest. The dashboard doesn’t change massively from the standard Swift, but the Sport’s extra performance is strongly hinted at by red dials & accents around the cabin.


new suzuki swift sport interior


Standard equipment looks to be extensive, including sat nav, climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivty and rear view camera – but as this is a European image we can’t confirm any UK specifications just yet.


new suzuki swift sport


The car is scheduled for an official unveiling at the 67th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show on 12th September, at a press conference which starts at 1:00 pm local time. Suzuki says its new creation “has undergone a complete redesign and delivers an all-new level of excitement for sport minded drivers across the world”.


new suzuki swift sport seats


If it does what Suzuki say then this will be a truly fantastic car – just like the two previous Swift Sport models.


Contact our Suzuki Sales team on 01623 240059 to stay updated about launch dates & pricing for the all new Swift Sport.