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New 2016 Toyota Proace Van Prices

Toyota have today released the pricing details for the brand new Proace van range which includes Compact, Medium and Long versions.

There are two grades of specification, Base and Comfort, depending on how many gadgets and features you would like in your new Proace van. Prices (excluding reclaimable VAT) are as follows.


Base: Compact 1.6 94bhp 5MT £18,660

Base: Medium 1.6 94bhp 5MT £19,285

Base: Medium 1.6 113bhp 6MT £20,189

Base: Medium 2.0 118bhp 6MT £21,289

Base: Long 2.0 118bhp 6MT £21,914


Comfort: Compact 1.6 94bhp 5MT £19,677

Comfort: Medium 1.6 94bhp 5MT £20,302

Comfort: Medium 1.6 113bhp 6MT £21,206

Comfort: Medium 2.0 118bhp 6MT £22,306

Comfort: Long 2.0 118 bhp 6MT £22,931


All are diesel engines and all are manual gearboxes (at the moment). Order books are open now for pre-orders so please contact our Business Specialists to arrange a test drive when we get a demonstrator vehicle.