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New 2016 Toyota Prius Fuel Economy

The numbers we all want to know have finally been released for the all-new 2016 Toyota Prius, and they’re even better than we expected, with massive improvements over the previous generation in both fuel economy and CO2. 

Subject to final homologation, the official headline figures are pretty incredible:

New 2016 Toyota Prius fuel economy: 94.2mpg

New 2016 Toyota Prius CO2 emissions: 70 g/km

These impressive figures are thanks to an all-new hybrid system and a petrol engine that achieves greater thermal efficiency than any other petrol combustion engine. An improvement of over 30% compared to the previous model is the greatest leap in economy figures since the 1st generation Prius was launched way back in 1999. While the 1.8-litre atkinson cycle petrol engine remains, Toyota has been through the engine with a fine-tooth comb and greatly reduced friction and mechanical losses in efficiency, greatly boosting fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.

New 2016 Toyota Prius

The new nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery has been reduced in sized but is considerably more energy-dense for increased performance. The battery has been moved underneath the rear seat too, so boot space is improved over the previous model. Another economy-boosting improvement is the car’s aerodynamic design, which has reduced the drag coefficient from 0.25 to 0.24, which may not sound like much but improves economy greatly. This has been achieved through extensive design work to produce detailed elements both on the exterior bodywork and underneath the car, helping airflow to flow smoothly around the Prius.

Performance & Handling

Better real-world performance and driving dynamics were key criteria for the engineers while producing this all-new Prius. Rest assured, this Prius will be better to drive than any other previous generation, thanks to the new TNGA platform on which it sits. This gives the car a much lower centre of gravity, and also makes the car lighter, for better ride comfort, handling and performance. The TNGA platform is part of Akio Toyoda’s (President of Toyota Global) promise to make Toyota cars fun to drive, and with a 60% stiffer bodyshell, the new Prius will be more fun to drive than ever before. Handling will be further improved by a new double wishbone rear suspension setup, which will provide feedback to the driver through corners and maintain stability on high-speed roads. It can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 10.6 seconds and 50-75 mph is accomplished in just 8.3 seconds, making overtaking a breeze. Top speed is 112mph.

New 2016 Toyota Prius Rear


One of the most common questions regarding the Prius has always been: can I tow with a Toyota Prius? The answer, for the first time ever, is yes. The new 2016 4th generation Prius will be able to tow 725kg (UNBRAKED), and while this is not a huge amount, it is enough for a small trailer or caravan.

Prices and Specifications

The new Prius starts from just £23,295 on the road. You can read all about the full Prices and Specifications of the new 2016 Toyota Prius here.