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New ’16’ Plate Toyota & Suzuki

The excitement of ‘plate change day’ is well and truly under way at Ron Brooks Toyota and Ron Brooks Suzuki.

New ’16’ registration cars are being collected by around 60 customers between the three dealerships today, on what is the busiest day of the year at Ron Brooks in Ilkeston and Mansfield.

16 Plate Toyota & Suzuki
New ’16’ Plate Toyota & Suzuki cars line up at Ron Brooks Mansfield

The excitement was captured by Mansfield 103.2 radio who were here early-doors to interview both staff and customers about the plate change, the effect it has on the industry and the experience of buying a brand new 16 plate Toyota or Suzuki from Ron Brooks Mansfield.

16 plate Toyota cars
’16’ Registration Toyota cars at Ron Brooks Ilkeston

It’s our first proper plate change month with Suzuki at Mansfield, and there were Vitaras, Celerios and of course Swifts all heading out on March 1st.

16 plate suzuki vitara
New ’16’ Reg Suzuki Vitara at Suzuki Mansfield

The new Vitara has proved very popular among buyers thanks to its great looks, high specification and of course off road capability and 4WD system.

16 plate suzuki celerio black
New ’16’ reg Suzuki Celerio at Suzuki Mansfield

The Celerio, which starts at just £6,999 is loved for its value, space and great fuel economy.

16 plate rav4 hybrid
New ’16’ registration RAV4 Icon

There were plenty of new-generation RAV4 & RAV4 hybrids being collected too, a model which has proved extremely popular with its advanced levels of safety, comfort and technology.

16 reg toyota yaris design hybrid
New ’16’ registration Yaris Hybrid Design

The Yaris Hybrid Design with bi-tone paint is perhaps the best looking Yaris that Toyota has ever produced. The combination of red paint with black wheels, roof and interior really stands out and looks great even in the pouring rain!

Pat Berry
Pat Berry collects her Yaris Design
16 plate toyota ilkeston
The new ’16’ plate cars line up at Ron Brooks Ilkeston