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Letter From Department of Health

This week we received a letter from Norman Lamb MP, Member of State for Care and Support!

Thank You Letter From Local MP

‘To all staff at Ron Brooks Ilkeston,
Street Triage Scheme
I would like to thank everyone at Ron Brooks for supplying a Hybrid vehicle with a reduced carbon footprint for Derbyshire Police to use in their Street Triage pilot.

The force is using the car with NHS staff to respond to incidents involving people experiencing severe mental health difficulties on the street and in their homes. I have heard from the force that this service has helped to make sure that people are only rarely detained under the powers the police have available in such cases, and that no one seen by the team has been taken to a police cell since it started to operate in February this year. All this has been because your car has helped an officer and a nurse respond quickly to vulnerable people and give advice to police officers and to the person in need.

It was absolutely wonderful to hear that you were able to sponsor the scheme, and really help to get it off the ground, by supplying a vehicle for the team to use. It was important to use a vehicle other than a standard police car for this scheme, to reassure the people that are being helped that this is something different. You have really helped make a difference to this project and to your local community.

My thanks to all of you. Very best wishes,
Norman Lamb

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