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Hybrids Electrify Toyota Sales in Europe

More and more customers are choosing a hybrid powertrain when buying their new Toyota, according to figures released by Toyota Motor Europe (TME). 


So far in 2016, 31% of Toyota customers in Europe chose a hybrid vehicle, a figure which rose to 41% among western European customers. Since the year 2000, almost 160,000 Toyota hybrid vehicles have been sold in the UK alone, while in the whole of Europe 300,000 hybrids are projected to be sold in 2016.


The hybrid option is now the most popular choice for Auris and RAV4 customers, while 40% of Yaris customers also chose a petrol/electric combination instead of a conventional petrol or diesel engine. Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President of TME, said:


“Our retailers are extremely excited about Toyota C-HR,” “We started taking orders this month and are very confident this new entry in the growing cross-over segment will further help grow our sales into 2017. From what we can see so far, nearly 70% of customers will choose the hybrid version.”


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


The upcoming all-new C-HR model, which arrives in the UK in December, will have a full petrol/electric hybrid powertrain option, and Toyota expects 70% of C-HR customers to choose this option.


The target by 2020 for TME is to achieve a 50% hybrid mix of vehicle sales, with a hybrid option in every major market sector.