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Hybrid Helps to Drive Growth in UK New Car Sales

This year, there has been a significant rise in new car registrations, with AFVs (Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles) showing particularly strong increases. At the end of October 2014 AFV registrations were already 12,000 ahead of the full-year total for 2013 – View the SMMT website for the full data.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Statistics 2014

Toyota’s commitment to Alternative Fuel Technology has provided many more models for to choose from and there are now some very tempting Hybrid cars available on Our Used Car Forecourt all supplied with a Full Warranty and ongoing servicing costs comparable to vehicles with traditional fuel types.

New Car and Vehicle Sales Statistics 2014

Overall, October marked yet another consecutive month of new car sales growth in the UK, a trend that has been a feature of the market for almost 3 years. As the economic outlook for Britain remains encouraging, commentators expect this to continue especially as customers take advantage of attractive deals on the latest models – the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) Chief Executive Mike Hawes, says:

‘We still expect the overall market to level off as we head towards 2015, but the exception to that rule will be alternatively-fuelled vehicles, demand for which will continue to accelerate.’