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Further Toyota Investment in UK Manufacturing

Toyota Manufacturing UK has announced a further £7 million investment in its engine plant in North Wales.

The investment will go towards adapting the plant so that it is able to build the future generation of 1.8-litre hybrid engines for the upcoming Toyota crossover model, due to be launched in the UK next year. All engines produced in Deeside will be exported to Turkey for installation in the new model.

The Deeside plant has been chosen to produce the engines in recognition of its commitment to excellent levels quality & productivity, and secures the existing jobs at the plant.

deeside engines

Jim Crosbie, Engine Plant Director, said:

“Toyota has a long and successful record of building engines in North Wales. This announcement is a big vote of confidence in the high skills, quality and commitment of our workforce. Deeside was chosen to be Toyota’s first plant in Europe to manufacture a hybrid engine and we are proud to have delivered on that opportunity and to have now been selected to build this next generation hybrid engine.”

The announcement was timed with the visit of Edwina Hart, who is the minister for the Economy, Science & Transport, who commented:

“This is excellent news and I am delighted this very significant investment has been secured for Toyota’s facility here. It will not only provide a platform for growth in what is an extremely competitive market but will also help secure the long term sustainable future of the plant and safeguard skilled, well-paid jobs in the region.

“Toyota’s importance to the Welsh economy is recognised by its Anchor Company status and I am pleased the Welsh Government is supporting this latest investment on site.”

The new engine is the latest iteration in the world-leading hybrid technology and will be a major factor in increasing Toyota’s European Hybrid vehicle sales, which increased 17% last year to 209,000 units. Overall in Europe, hybrid vehicle sales account for almost 1 in 4 Toyota’s that are sold, which increases to about 1 in 3 sold in Western Europe.