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No More Driving Licence Counterpart: Q&A

Q) Do you need your driving licence counterpart anymore?

A) Not from the 8th of June. From this date, the “paper part” of your driving licence will hold no legal value whatsoever.

Q) What should I do with my driving licence counterpart?

A) Destroy it. That’s the advice from the DVLA anyway, as it’s now redundant but does contain some personal information. So rather than risk losing it and it falling into the wrong hands, it may as well be destroyed. Don’t just throw it away either – shredding is the safest way to dispose of documents that contain personal information.

Q) I haven’t got a photo card licence with a counterpart, I’ve still got a paper licence. How does this affect me?

A) It doesn’t. Paper driving licences (that were issued before the photo card came along in 1998) are still completely valid and you should absolutely not destroy it. If you need to update, renew or change the address on your licence you will be issued with a photo card instead of a paper licence.

Q) What happens to my penalty points without my counterpart to keep a record of them?

A) All driver penalty points are now recorded electronically and will not be printed on any bits of paper, on the photo card licence or even a paper licence.

Q) Can I access my driving record?

Yes, you can do this online here. All you need to hand is your driving licence number, your national insurance number and the postcode currently listed on your driving licence. Here you will be able to view any endorsements or disqualifications you have, as well access information about what vehicles you are allowed to drive on your current licence.

Q) What if I’m just about to take my driving test?

A) From June 8 2015, you no longer need to take your counterpart to your theory test or practical driving test. You do however need to take your photo card or old-style paper driving licence. Your test will be cancelled if you don’t, and you’ll still have to pay.

Q) Do I need my driving licence to test drive a car?

A) Yes. When test driving a new or used vehicle at one of our dealerships you must bring your photo card or old-style paper driving licence. This is so we can put you on our own insurance so you are covered for the duration of the test drive in the unlikely event of an accident.