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COMING SOON: All-new 2016 Toyota Prius

The wait is over, the all new 2016 Toyota Prius has been revealed! And what a looker it is too. With styling cues taken from the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, the all-new Prius has delivered on Toyota’s promise to be more emotional in its look, with bold, distinctive head & taillights, a new interior, striking alloy wheels all the while maintaining a profile that is distinctly a Prius.

The Prius changed the world when it was launched in 1999, and the new 2016 version aims to set new benchmarks in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. No official figures have yet to be released, but insiders say that a great focus has been placed on improving the motorway fuel economy of the Prius, which in the past has not been as good as its in-town efficiency which, coupled with incredible relaibility, makes it such a favourite with taxi drivers all over the world. the new nickel-metal hydrive hybrid batteries have a higher capacity and recharge quicker than ever before. The petrol engine unit itself achieves 40% thermal efficiency, which Toyota say is a world-best performance for a petrol unit.

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The car will sit on the new Toyota New Global Architecture platform, which will form the basis of the majority of all Toyota models globally in the not-too-distant future. This new platform lowers the centre of gravity for the driver, enabling better handling and improved high-speed stability. It also allows designers to give cars a more athletic look to them which in today’s image-conscious market has never been more important. Smaller, more energy-dense batteries have been used to improve cabin & loadspace while a new double-wishbone rear suspension setup also allows for increased boot space. Performance has been improved too, and though again there are no official figures as yet, acceleration will be quicker, more responsive and smoother and the engine is tuned to be quieter at high speeds.

Safety will be as-important with the all-new Prius, and Toyota Safety Sense will feature, with the addition of radar-guided adaptive cruise control, which speeds up & slows down the car automatically based on what speed the car in front is doing. A pedestrian detection system for the pre-collision assist safety feature will also be introduced.

The actual UK release date is at-yet unknown, but we’re expecting it to be January next year. Not long to go! Stay tuned to @ronbrooksgroup on Twitter and Ron Brooks Group on Facebook for all the latest updates.