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Butler for a Day

As part of Ron Brooks’ Red Nose Day activities, Assistant Sales Manager Neil Haynes from our Ilkeston dealership has swapped selling cars for a full day of Butler responsibilities.

The lucky recipient of Neil’s full attention for the day was Mrs Doar, who donated an undisclosed but sizeable amount to Comic Relief in order to secure Neil’s services, which included hovering, dusting and chauffeuring the lucky winner around for the day.

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The day began at 10am, with Neil driving to Mrs Doar’s home for general house duties and Butler work. At 12:30pm, Mrs Doar was chauffeured in a top-of-the-range Auris Hybrid to The Newdigate family pub in West Hallam, Ilkeston, who kindly provided lunch as part of the package.

Neil Dusting

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After a lovely spot of lunch, Neil then took Mrs Doar on an afternoon drive to Chatsworth in Bakewell, before returning to the dealership around 4:30pm. The Auris Hybrid proved to be a wonderfully quiet, comfortable and efficient mode of transport, achieving 71.5mpg on the run to Chatsworth in Bakewell.

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Overall Mrs Doar was over the moon with the service provided by Neil, remarking that he was “well worth” the donation she made.

Neil said “I quite enjoyed being a butler for a day. It was very different to selling cars. Mrs Doar and was a pleasure to be of service to and I thank her for making such a sizeable contribution to Comic Relief”