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Navigating the diverse array of car engines available can seem daunting. That’s why we’re here to break down each engine type and its applicability to your driving habits. From compact 1.0L engines to powerhouses above 3.0L, we’ve got the details you need.


1.0-Litre Engines

1.0-litre engines, prevalent in small city cars and compact SUVs, are typically three to four-cylinder configurations, and some now feature turbochargers for increased power. Despite not being the most potent, these engines deliver zippy and efficient transport.

Such engines are usually less polluting but can sometimes offer lower economy on highways as they need to exert more to reach high speeds. Cars featuring these engines, like the Renault Clio, are great for school runs or quick grocery store trips.


1.4-Litre to 1.6-Litre Engines

1.4 to 1.6-litre engines strike a balance between power and efficiency. Ideal for both short trips and long motorway journeys, they have commendable fuel economy, saving you frequent trips to the petrol station.

These engines are a good fit if you often make shorter commutes and occasionally embark on long journeys. Slightly larger in size, they offer quieter operation and improved power for overtaking. The compromise might be a slight dip in fuel economy. Hatchbacks, like the Suzuki Swift, often sport such engines.


1.8-Litre to 2.0-Litre Engines

Offering considerably more power, 1.8-2.0L engines find their place in a wide range of body types, including saloons and coupes. Their larger size doesn’t necessarily translate to higher running costs or impaired combined economy.

These engines are an excellent choice for those who predominantly drive on motorways. Cars like the Mercedes E-Class Saloon, which feature these engines, provide a comfortable and fantastic drive. However, they might not be ideal for stop/start urban journeys.


2.0-Litre to 3.0-Litre Engines

Found in larger saloons and SUVs, 2.0 to 3.0L engines deliver an impressive amount of power, perfect for towing. Despite higher fuel consumption than smaller engines, they offer serious power output.

Cars like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, or Audi Q5 feature these engines, delivering a dynamic and comfortable driving experience. Their performance makes them ideal for long motorway journeys where overtaking power and high-speed stability are essential.


3.0-Litre + Engines

Engines above 3.0L, typically housing six to 12 cylinders, are a top choice for high-performance cars and large SUVs. Although they boast enormous power, they come with hefty running costs.

An important aspect of these engines is their performance-oriented nature. Vehicles equipped with these engines are designed to deliver exhilarating speed and acceleration. Examples include sports cars like the Porsche 911 with a twin-turbo 3.0L six-cylinder engine or the Mercedes-AMG GT with a 4.0L V8.


Hybrid Engines

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines come in various sizes, with cars like the Toyota Prius featuring a 1.8L engine alongside an electric motor. Their dual energy source leads to reduced emissions and lower running costs. 

The different types of hybrid engines include:

  • Full Hybrids: Also known as ‘self-charging’ hybrids, these cars combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor. The electric motor can power the vehicle independently at low speeds, which is beneficial for city driving or stop-start traffic. The most notable example of this type is the Toyota Prius.
  • Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs): These hybrids offer a larger electric battery that can be charged externally, hence the name “plug-in”. They can usually travel a considerable distance (20-50 miles) on electric power alone before the petrol or diesel engine kicks in. This makes them excellent for short commutes where charging infrastructure is available. Models like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and the Volvo XC90 T8 embody this type.
  • Mild Hybrids (MHEVs): These vehicles feature a smaller battery that cannot power the vehicle on its own but assists the combustion engine, improving efficiency. Mild hybrids often use a system that recovers energy usually lost during braking, storing it for later use. The Suzuki Swift SHVS is an example of this type.

The main advantages of hybrid engines include better fuel efficiency and lower emissions compared to traditional petrol or diesel engines. Their ability to run purely on electric power at lower speeds also makes them ideal for city driving. Additionally, hybrid cars typically have lower tax rates due to their reduced CO2 emissions.

However, they are generally more expensive upfront than their petrol or diesel counterparts. The driving range for PHEVs on electric power alone is limited compared to full EVs, and charging infrastructure may be a consideration depending on where you live or travel.


In choosing your next car, several factors should influence your decision, including running costs, journey type, speed, emission zone costs, fuel economy, performance, and tax.

So, there you have it – a comprehensive guide to car engine sizes. For more information and news, check out our blog

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The Toyota Supra is a symbol of automotive evolution, an iconic sports car revered by car enthusiasts worldwide. From its debut as a high-performance version of the Toyota Celica to its current state as an emblem of Toyota’s commitment to performance, the Supra has left an indelible mark on the automotive world. This article will trace the history and evolution of the Supra over its eventful lifespan.


First Generation of the Supra (1978-1981): Birth of a Legend



The Supra story began in 1978 with the Celica Supra (or Celica XX in Japan). Essentially a longer and wider Celica equipped with a 2.6L inline-six engine, the first-generation Supra was a grand tourer rather than a pure sports car. Although it shared many components with the Celica, the Supra stood out with its luxurious features, including power windows and air conditioning.


Second Generation of the Supra (1981-1986): Gaining Independence

Credit: Michael Mauro –


The second-generation Supra, known as the A60, arrived in 1981. It retained the Celica’s basic platform but boasted more distinctive styling and a more potent engine – a 2.8L inline-six producing 145 horsepower. The Supra was gaining momentum, with the 1982 model earning Motor Trend’s “Import Car of the Year” award. 


Third Generation of the Supra (1986-1993): The Supra Unleashed



With the third generation (A70), the Supra truly came into its own. Now entirely separate from the Celica, the new Supra was larger, more powerful, and more technologically advanced. Its new 3.0L inline-six engine delivered 200 horsepower, with a turbocharged version pumping out 230 horsepower. The A70 Supra was also the first to feature Toyota’s variable valve timing system, known as VVT-i.


Fourth Generation of the Supra (1993-2002): The Legend Peaks



The fourth-generation (A80) Supra is the most iconic and celebrated. Launched in 1993, it featured a sleek, aerodynamic design and a twin-turbo 3.0L inline-six engine delivering 320 horsepower. This Supra was a serious performance car, capable of a 0-60 mph sprint in under 5 seconds. It gained further fame thanks to its appearance in the 2001 film “The Fast and the Furious,” becoming a poster child for the tuner culture of the era.


The Hiatus (2002-2019)

Toyota ceased production of the Supra in 2002, citing declining sales and increasing emission standards. For seventeen years, the Supra was absent from Toyota’s lineup, but it was far from forgotten. The legend grew, with used models becoming highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The tuning ability and movie film status grew the MK4 Supra to a JDM icon, along with the Nissan Skyline R34 and the Mazda RX7.


Fifth Generation of the Supra (2019-Present): The Supra Reborn



After years of anticipation and speculation, the Supra made a triumphant return in 2019. The fifth-generation (A90) Supra, developed in collaboration with BMW, is a cutting-edge sports car that pays homage to its heritage. Powered by a 3.0L inline-six engine producing 382 horsepower, the new Supra is the most powerful yet. 


Its design nods to the A80, with a long hood, short rear deck, and double-bubble roofline. Despite some criticism for its BMW underpinnings, the A90 has won praise for its superb balance, potent acceleration, and driver-focused cockpit. It’s a worthy successor to the Supra name, bringing the legend into a new era.


The new GR Supra from Toyota also adds an inline-four 2.0 litre engine producing 254hp, with the addition of a manual transmission with new models. 



The Toyota Supra’s journey reflects the broader evolution of the automotive industry, from the humble grand tourers of the 1970s to the high-tech sports cars of today. More than just a car, the Supra is a symbol of Toyota’s performance heritage and a beacon for car enthusiasts worldwide. Its legacy of innovation, performance, and style ensures that the Supra will continue to excite and inspire for generations to come.

Looking for your next Toyota? Ron Brooks has a large selection of new and used Toyotas in stock. Read more motoring news on our blog.

This summer, your new set of wheels could be a win-win, supporting a cherished local cause and getting you around in style. Ron Brooks Toyota has generously gifted a brand-new juniper-blue Toyota Aygo X Edge to the Treetops Hospice summer raffle.

The car, resplendent with fresh ’23 registration plates, is not just a prize. It is an emblem of celebration, commemorating Treetops Hospice’s 40th anniversary and the 60th year of Ron Brooks Toyota — two local institutions dedicated to supporting our community.

Our Managing Director, Kevin Slack, expressed why this donation was important to us, saying, “We’re very proud to have been in the local community for over 60 years and we wanted to celebrate by supporting a local cause. It’s really important for us to give something back to the community and Treetops Hospice is a great charity. It makes such a difference for hundreds of local people every year.”

Through the sales of raffle tickets, Treetops Hospice hopes to raise more than £20,000, vital funds that support their essential services including end-of-life nursing care and counselling in the local community.

Julie Heath, the Chief Executive of Treetops Hospice, shared her excitement about this novel prize, remarking, “This is the first time in our 40-year history that we’ve offered such a fabulous prize in our summer raffle. We’re so grateful to Ron Brooks Toyota for their very generous donation which we know will raise a significant amount of money for the hospice and means we can care for even more people and families in the future. For just £1, you could be driving away in a fabulous new car on Friday 1st September when the draw takes place. It could be the best £1 you’ve spent all year!”

The car, valued at approximately £17,000, features 18” alloy wheels, Pre-Collision Detection, and an 8″ Toyota Touch® Multimedia system with Smartphone integration.

In the run-up to the raffle, a promotional Toyota Aygo car will be touring at various events over the summer, including the Derbyshire County Show on 25 June.

As well as the car, Ron Brooks Toyota has generously added runner-up prizes, including £2,000 cash, a pair of tickets to the British GT Championships at Donington Park, and twenty £50 prizes. The raffle will be drawn on Friday 1st September.

Raffle tickets are available for purchase at, and the raffle is open to anyone aged 18yrs+. Full terms and conditions can be found online.

Take this opportunity to make a difference to your community while potentially driving away with a fabulous new car. For further information about Treetops Hospice, visit or call 0115 949 1264.

Choosing the right first car is an exciting yet crucial decision for many new drivers. It’s essential to find a vehicle that offers reliability, affordability, and practicality. In this article, we will explore the top five reasons why the Toyota Aygo is the perfect first car, providing a compelling case for its suitability and value. Ron Brooks is a specialist in Toyota and Suzuki vehicles, so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Affordability and Fuel Efficiency

One of the primary concerns for first-time car owners is affordability. A used Toyota Aygo offers an attractive price point, making it accessible to those on a budget. Its compact size and lightweight design contribute to excellent fuel efficiency, ensuring that you save money at the pump. With impressive mileage per gallon, the Aygo becomes an economical choice for daily commuting or city driving, helping you keep your running costs low.

Manoeuvrability and City-Friendly Design

Navigating through congested city streets and tight parking spaces can be a challenge for inexperienced drivers. The Aygo’s compact dimensions and tight turning circle make it exceptionally manoeuvrable, allowing you to effortlessly weave through traffic and park in narrow spaces. Its small size not only enhances manoeuvrability but also makes it easier to handle and park for those who are new to driving, providing a stress-free and confidence-building experience.

Stylish and Customisable Exterior

The Toyota Aygo boasts a distinctive and modern design that sets it apart from other vehicles in its class. Its compact proportions are complemented by eye-catching styling elements, such as the bold front grille and striking LED daytime running lights. Moreover, Toyota offers a range of customisation options for the Aygo, allowing you to add your personal touch with vibrant body colours, contrasting roof options, and stylish decals. This level of customisation enables you to express your individuality and stand out on the road.

Credit: Toyota UK

Practicality and Comfort

Despite its compact size, the Toyota Aygo surprises with its well-thought-out interior space. It comfortably seats four occupants, making it suitable for small groups or family outings. The clever utilisation of space ensures that both driver and passengers have ample legroom and headroom. Additionally, the Aygo offers a surprising amount of cargo space, with a practical boot that can accommodate shopping bags, luggage, or everyday essentials. The split-folding rear seats further enhance versatility, allowing you to carry larger items when needed.

Safety and Reliability

When it comes to choosing a first car, safety is a paramount concern. The Toyota Aygo prioritises safety with a range of features designed to protect both driver and passengers. It comes equipped with multiple airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and a tyre pressure monitoring system. These safety features provide peace of mind and ensure a secure driving experience. Furthermore, Toyota’s reputation for reliability means that the Aygo offers dependable performance, minimising the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons

For those embarking on their journey as new drivers, the Toyota Aygo presents itself as an ideal first car. Its affordability, fuel efficiency, and city-friendly design make it a practical and budget-friendly choice. The Aygo’s stylish exterior and customisable options allow for personalisation, while its practicality and comfort cater to the needs of everyday driving. With a focus on safety and Toyota’s renowned reliability, the Aygo offers a secure and worry-free driving experience. 


Consider the Toyota Aygo as your first car, and embark on your driving adventures with confidence and style. To read more motoring news and advice, visit our blog to find out more.

The market for electric cars is constantly growing, but so are concerns about owning one. However, there are a lot of misconceptions. Here are 6 myths about electric vehicles and cars that are not true and why! 


1. EVs Are Slower Than Petrol And Diesel Cars 

There actually isn’t much of a difference between the top speed of petrol and diesel cars compared to electric cars. EVs do actually accelerate faster, as the engine isn’t required to ‘rev up’. You will get the maximum torque the second you press the accelerator. 

The performance of EVs can be better overall than their petrol and diesel counterparts. This is because electric cars don’t need as long to “warm up”. The average 0 to 60 mph time for an electric car is less than 6 seconds, whereas the average 0 to 60 mph is around 9 seconds in a petrol car. 


2. EVs Are More Expensive Than Petrol or Diesel Cars 

Currently, this is technically true. However, this is due to the new technology. But as EVs become more mainstream and sales continue to increase, you should see a drop in prices. 

Earlier this year, Tesla announced a price drop for the Model 3s and Model Ys by up to £8,000. This price drop varies depending on which model you pick.


3. EVs Batteries Won’t Last As Long & End Up In Landfill

The batteries found in EVs aren’t all that different from the batteries that are found in phones. A lot of electric car manufacturers give a long warranty period, usually around 10 years or 100,000 miles. However, it’s believed that a lot of batteries could last even longer or even outlive the car. 

However, if the battery doesn’t last quite that long, EV batteries still shouldn’t end up in the landfill. These batteries can either be recycled or used as energy storage for businesses or homes. 


4. The National Grid Won’t Be Able To Cope as Sales Increase 

With the increase in sales of EVs, the national grid is going through changes to help cope with the extra demand for electricity. Not everyone will be swapping in their petrol and diesel tomorrow and it will take a few more years for EVs to become more mainstream. This gives electricity companies time for the required changes to be made to the national grid.

The Government introduced the Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Points Regulation. This regulation ensures that EV charging stations will have smart functionality.  This means allowing charging to happen when there is less demand on the national grid or when it’s more renewable. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to charge your car whenever you need to. It just means that charging may be paused during the peak house when the grid is at its highest capacity and when energy is more expensive. 


5. Electric Cars Don’t Go Far Enough On A Single Charge 

When electric cars first started to come out, some only had a range of 100 miles. However, as the technology has continued to evolve, EVs now have an average range between 200 to 300 miles. Although the average journey length is around 37 miles per day when a long journey is required there are plenty of miles that can be covered before needing to stop. 15 to 20 mins in a service station can be enough time to add a few hundred miles to your EV, depending on what you are driving. 


6. Electric Cars Break Down More Often 

Research shows that combustion engines actually break down more than electric cars. This is because electric cars have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance. 

According to LV, “11% of breakdowns are caused by batteries being out of charge” and 37% of breakdowns are for “flat tyres or wheel issues”. The tyre issues are due to the weight of the battery, which can increase the weight of the car by 50% compared to traditional petrol or diesel cars. Batteries for EVs are currency being worked on and will become lighter, bringing down the weight of EVs. 


Hopefully, this has cleared up some misconceptions about electric cars. For more information and news, check out our blog. Interested in upgrading to a new electric car? Check out the Toyota bZ4X, Toyota’s first electric car, and enquire today! 


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Nottingham is a city famous for being the home of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood, but it’s more than just a city steeped in history. If you venture outside the city, there are plenty of attractive towns, charming villages, pretty parks, gorgeous gardens, fantastic forests, and relaxing nature reserves in the surrounding Nottinghamshire area that are perfect for a road trip around. 


1 – Sherwood Forest

If you’re visiting Nottingham, you can’t leave without taking a drive to Sherwood Forest, the legendary home of Robin Hood. The forest covers 1000 acres and is located near the village of Edwinstowe. At the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, you can learn all about Robin Hood and his Merry Men, as well as the forest’s natural wonders.


Directions: Head north from Nottingham on the A614 and you’ll arrive at Sherwood Forest in approximately 45 minutes.


2 – Ashbourne

Ashbourne, in nearby Derbyshire, is a picturesque market town just south of the Peak District National Park’s southern boundary. It’s renowned for its elegant Georgian townhouses and winding cobbled streets. The area is filled with natural beauty, from the stunning White Peak with its unique limestone formations to the lush Dovedale valley and its pyramid-shaped Thorpe Cloud. The town proper also has plenty to offer, with Tudor buildings and bustling markets.


Directions: Take Brian Clough Way/A52 west from Nottingham and you’ll reach Ashbourne in around 40 minutes.



3 – Sheringham

If you’re looking for a seaside day trip, head to Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast. This charming town has a pristine beach where you can take a leisurely stroll and soak up the sea breeze. The Sheringham Museum has fascinating exhibits on everything from folk art to wind energy, and an observation tower that offers stunning views of the area. 


Directions: Take the A52/A148 east from Nottingham and you’ll arrive in Sheringham in approximately three hours.


4 – Lincoln

Lincoln is rich in history, with the city being under the control of both Romans and Vikings during different periods. Today, it boasts stunning architecture, breathtaking historical sites, and a diverse range of cafes and restaurants. The main attraction is Lincoln Castle, which has been restored to its former glory as originally built by William the Conqueror.


Directions: To get to Lincoln, take the A46 from Nottingham, which is approximately an hour’s drive away.


5 – Melton Mowbray

Melton Mowbray, a traditional town in Leicestershire, is known for its charming St. Mary’s parish church, weekly livestock market, and famous delicacies such as Melton Mowbray pork pies. Melton Carnegie Museum offers a glimpse into the town’s history, culture, and inhabitants through its exhibits. 


Directions: To reach Melton Mowbray, drive southeast on the M1 from Nottingham for approximately one hour and 15 minutes.


6 – Newark-on-Trent

Newark-on-Trent, a market town in the Newark and Sherwood district, offers a manageable and scenic road trip from Nottingham. In addition to the charming surroundings, the town is rich in cultural and historical attractions. Home to Newark Castle, a stunning park with a commanding Norman gate, labyrinthine underground chambers, and passages. The Old Bakery Tea Rooms offer a superb Tudor atmosphere to refuel.


Directions: Newark-on-Trent is about a 40-minute drive from Nottingham via the A46.




7 – Skegness

Set on the Lincolnshire coast, Skegness is a traditional English seaside town that is always worth a visit. Along the seafront, you can enjoy everything from classic funfairs to crazy golf and ten-pin bowling. There’s also some lovely scenery along the coast, including Mablethorpe, Sutton-on-Sea, and The Wolds.


Directions: Drive east from Nottingham along the A46 and A158 for about two hours to reach Skegness.


8 – Mam Tor

Mam Tor, an iconic 517m high hill near Castleton, is set in the Hope Valley in the Peak District. If you’re willing to do a bit of walking to experience the best views, you’ll love this Nottingham day trip through stunning scenery. Mam Tor borders the gritstone Dark Peak and limestone White Peak, offering breathtaking views of the Winnats Pass gorge, one of the highlights of the Peak District National Park. 


Directions: Take the A610 from Nottingham to reach Mam Tor in about one and a half hours, passing through beautiful scenery on the way.


9 – Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle, located near the town of Bolsover, is a splendid example of a Stuart mansion that looks like a fairy-tale illustration come to life. Walking around the castle takes you on a journey back in time, and the views over the Derbyshire countryside are spectacular. The Little Castle’s luxurious rooms are sure to impress, and the wall walk offers breathtaking views. 


Directions: Take the M1 north from Nottingham, and you’ll arrive at Bolsover in just 35 minutes.


10 – Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall, an elegant Elizabethan country house in Derbyshire, was created by Bess of Hardwick, Countess of Shrewsbury and one of the most powerful women of her time, in the 16th century. Now operated and maintained by the National Trust, the house and surrounding grounds offer plenty for visitors to see and do. The highlight is the hall itself, which features striking Elizabethan tapestries, furniture from across the ages, and an extensive collection of paintings, ceramics, and unique objects.


Directions: Hardwick Hall is about a 30-minute drive from Nottingham on the M1, making it a short hop but a world away.

Depending on your location in the East Midlands, some of these destinations may require a slightly longer drive. When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, consider taking a road trip to one of these destinations to make the most of it! Be sure to stay up to date with our latest news.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review – A Small Car Turned Big!


Toyota Yaris Overview

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is coming up to 3 years old, which means it’s the perfect bargain for people looking for a cheap city car with low maintenance costs and packed with tech. Launching in 2020, the used market is slowly starting to fill up with Toyota Yaris Hybrids for sale, so read on to see if this is the next car for you!

Toyota have introduced a hybrid motor to the latest model of the Yaris, making it a very desirable car for commuters and long trips on the motorway, while being small enough to chuck into a parking space without worry of damaging any mirrors or body panels. The Yaris, once known as your average city cruiser, has now received a stylish update, along with a range of other Toyota models


Yaris Interior Review

The inside of Yaris has been uplifted to match the outside, adding comfort and technology. In front of the driver is a 3 spoke sporty looking steering wheel in soft nappa leather, similar to one you find in a German executive saloon! The dashboard is covered in the same leather in a two layer design, with a prominent infotainment screen located in the centre of the dashboard. The instrument cluster is simple and easy to read, and the visuals are sharp and clear to read in daylight. The optional sunroof makes the cabin light and airy, as well as a lighter coloured interior which makes the interior feel a lot more spacious. Visibility is great too, the seating position is traditionally high in a Yaris, and this model is no exception, similar to a small SUV.


How Does The Yaris Drive?

The chunky steering wheel of the Yaris makes the driving characteristics a lot more sporty than you would first imagine. There is enough response to feel secure in the corners, with lots of front end grip and not a lot of body roll. The CVT gearbox isn’t quite a dual clutch transmission, but the hybrid motors mask the lack of responsiveness effectively and slushes the gears nicely for a smooth drive. Being ideal for the city, this really won’t be a problem and will actually be perfect for most people. 

At lower speeds, the Yaris relies on electric power to propel itself around, making it quiet and relaxing. The suspension on the Yaris is on the firmer side, but will still be plenty comfortable over bumps. The other point to mention would be motorway driving. Being a small car, this will be the case with thinner tyres and not much weight, you will find yourself a little more stable in something like a RAV4, but it’s a tiny kink in the Yaris’ armour. 

Overall, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a fantastic choice for the everyday commuter who mainly does city driving and small trips to town. It can handle the occasional motorway drive, but given the small engine and smaller frame, you’d likely want to opt for something larger if longer trips are more of a daily occurrence in your life. Looking for your next vehicle? Check out our stock at Ron Brooks and speak to one of our experts who will be more than happy to help you with your motor needs. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Christmas markets are back in full swing. Across the Midlands, there are so many Christmas markets to choose from, all filled with festive food, attractions and gifts. 

We have compiled a list of 5 Christmas markets within driving distance of our Ilkeston dealership, ranging from 30 mins to 1 ½  hour drive. 


Nottingham Winter Wonderland 

Date: 15th November – 31st December, 2022

Where: Old Market Square, Nottingham, NG1 2BY

Price: Free (some attraction require tickets)

Journey length: 30 mins (7.5 miles)

Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland is back for another year! For just over a month, ice skate on the 200m above crowd Sky Skate, enjoy festive treats and shop handmade gifts in the centre of the town. Rides and attractions at this year’s Christmas market include: Sky Skate, Ice Rink, Observation Wheel and Toboggan. There’s fun for the whole family. 

For more information, visit the Nottingham Winter Wonderland website. 

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

Date: 3rd November – 23rd December, 2022

Where: Victoria Square and New Street, Birmingham, B1 1BD

Price: Free

Journey length: 1 hour 1 mins (51.1 miles)

The largest authentic German Christmas market, outside of Germany, is on! Known for drawing huge crowds from across the UK and Europe, the Frankfurt Christmas market is not to be missed! Open between 10am to 9pm, the market is filled with festive and authentic German food and live music, from various artists throughout the month including Lorna May and Billy Thompson. 

For more information, visit the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market website. 

The Mansfield Christmas Market 

Date: 26th November – 21st December, 2022

Where: West Gate, Mansfield, NG18 1RS

Price: Free

Journey length: 45 mins (18.6 miles) or 11 mins (2.6 miles) from our Mansfield dealership

Shop stocking filler and enjoy festive treats at Mansfield’s Christmas Market. Situated just outside Primark and M&S, the Mansfield Christmas Market has 15 chalets filled with everything you can think of including Christmas cakes, james & chutneys, jewellery, candles and so much more. 

For more information, visit the Mansfield Christmas Market website.

Matlock Christmas Market

Date: 17th – 18th December, 2022

Where: Hall Leys Park, Matlock, DE4 3SX

Price: Free

Journey length: 41 mins (22.3 miles)

Over 2 days, visit Matlock’s Christmas market filled with 170 stalls. With food, crafts and entertainment, there’s fun for the whole family. On Saturday 17th, see the Christmas light switch on, on the 18th, check out the fireworks display and meet Santa at his Grotto.

For more information, check out Eat, Drink and Seek’s website. 

Christmas in Cathedral Square

Date: 16th November – 18th December, 2022

Where: Cathedral Square, Birmingham, B3 2QB

Price: Free

Journey length: 1 hour 10 mins (50 miles)

Head to Pigeon Park (as known by the locals) for Christmas in Cathedral Square and shop christmas gifts and goodies with over 50 independent traders. Check out some of the city’s most talented arts and crafts, food and drink vendors in a prime location.

For more information, check out Colemore Business Direct’s website.


And there you have it: 5 Christmas markets within the midlands that are within driving distance. Enjoy all the festive food and activities. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the Ron Brooks team! 

If you are looking to buy a new or used car this festive period, we have changed our opening periods during Christmas for both our Ilkeston and Mansfield dealerships. View our opening times over the Christmas period

Looking for a family car available on the Motability scheme? With so many different cars on offer, we have compiled a list of the best Toyota and Suzuki family cars on the market that can be leased on the Motability scheme. 

Available to people who receive a disability allowance, such as High Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the Motability Scheme makes leasing a new car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles simpler and without the stress of owning and running one. You will receive insurance cover, breakdown cover, servicing and MOT with your Motability package. 

Check to see if you qualify for the Motability scheme.

Toyota C-HR

If you are looking for a five-door hatchback with a distinctive look, the Toyota C-HR is a great choice. Both practical and sleek, the C-HR is responsive, easy to park and is great for long journeys on the motorway or just going to the supermarket. 

This affordable family car has a lot to offer. Equipped with a tonne of driver’s aids including the pre-collision system, lane assist, automatic high beam, road sign assist and a lot more, the C-HR has been a popular choice because of its features. Available with a range of engines, including petrol, diesel and hybrid, the CH-R can suit your driving needs and driving type. 

Suzuki S-Cross

The Suzuki S-Cross is a hybrid vehicle with a lot to offer. This compact SUV has a few options for you to choose from, including the original automatic 1.4L Boosterjet with 48V with mild-hybrid technology. The Suzuki S-Cross is equipped a lot. Automatic LED headlights, keyless entry, heated front seats and front and rear parking sensors, Apple Carplay and Android Auto all come as standard as well as a range of safety equipment.

The Suzuki S-Cross Ultra is also available on Motability. The Ultra has four-wheel-drive, with a sat-nav, twin sliding sunroof, 360 camera, 9″ infotainment system and a lot more. A similar size to the Nissan Qashqai, the S-Cross is an excellent choice for families.

Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara is a five door SUV that is known for being dependable and spacious. Available with a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, the Vitara can suit a range of needs and is comfortable for both long and short journeys. Equipped with the parking assistance system and AllGrip AWD, the Vitara is easy to manoeuvre and has mild off-roading capabilities.

There are a few different models of the Suzuki Vitara including the SZ-T and SZ-5. The SZ-T has the touchscreen infotainment system. The SZ-5 is the top spec model with a full range of technology. Bluetooth and air-conditioning come as standard on all Vitaras.

Toyota Yaris

If you are looking for a compact family car on Motability, check out our range of Toyota Yaris’. This dependable and practical car is easy to drive, has light steering and a great view over the bonnet. Updated in 2020, the Toyota Yaris is a five-door hybrid with an automatic gearbox.

Just like most other Toyotas, there are a few different models of the Yaris including the Icon and Design. These two models have different trims and packages that set these two apart.

And there you have it: the best family cars on the Motability scheme. Interested in leasing a family car under the Motability scheme? At Ron Brooks, we have a great range of Toyota and Suzuki cars available on Motability. Check out our Toyota Motability and Suzuki Motability plans and see our latest offers.  

The Toyota Aygo is a great small sized car with its lightweight body and compact design perfect for city driving. Although small in size, the Aygo can still sit four adults comfortably. The Aygo has a stylish design and is available in a variety of colour options. The fact that the Aygo has low running costs has made it an extremely popular vehicle for people wanting a small compact city car. The Aygo has a raft of competitors, including the Kia Picanto, and Volkswagen UP.

Toyota Aygo

The Aygo range starts with the entry-level X-play trim which features 15-inch steel wheels, power-adjustable heated mirrors, body-coloured exterior trim, air-con and on-board tech such as smartphone integration, a DAB radio and Bluetooth. As an entry level option, you can probably imagine that it’s basic, but if all you care about is getting from A to B then this could potentially be the perfect option for you.

Next is the X-trend model, which comes with 15-inch alloy wheels, coloured side panels and matching exterior highlights, automatic headlights, front fog lights and privacy glass. An X-trend Bi-tone version is also offered, adding a black roof and extra coloured trim for around an extra £500.

The top model is named the X-clusiv, this specification includes a range of two-tone exterior paint options, smart entry, push-button start and automatic air conditioning. This option also has part leather seats to give the car a slightly more luxurious feel. 

Toyota isn’t shy of producing Aygo special editions either. In 2017 they released the limited edition X-claim, which featured an electrically retractable roof and special details, while in 2019 it launched the X-cite Mandarin, sporting bright orange paintwork with a contrasting black roof and orange interior trim highlights.

All Toyotas come with a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty, with no mileage limit for the first year. That’s significantly better cover than you get with the Volkswagen Up. All Aygo’s get a safety pack with automatic emergency braking (AEB) and lane-departure warning, and it received a reasonable four-star safety rating from Euro NCAP. That’s better than the Volkswagen Up’s three stars (due to its lack of AEB even as an option). However, digging deeper into the Aygo’s crash safety scores, the Up, i10 and Picanto all score higher.

Toyota Aygo vs Volkswagen UP

This is the company’s cheapest and smallest model. An alternative to city cars like the i10, Picanto, C1 and obviously, the Aygo. The interior of the UP has a simple and minimalistic look, better looking than the Picanto anyway and there is a wide variety of different stylistic options to pick from. If you want black alloys, two tone paint and a different coloured dashboard, then the UP has you covered. 

DAB radio is standard across all ranges of the model and all models have a nice 5.0 inch coloured screen, allowing the inside to feel modern and up to date. The boot is also roomy for a car of this size.

Toyota Aygo vs Hyundai i10

This is a stylish car with a good amount of interior space for a car of this size. It’s easy to get around town, just like all of the other similar cars of this size. It even picked up the Best Small Car award in the 2021 CarWow Car of the Year awards!

Inside you get some nice textured trims, the infotainment system is easy to use and looks pleasant and it even comes with a built in sat nav. This car is great for short trips, however, longer trips may be more uncomfortable. The entry level’s 67 horsepower may be a bit too slow, you’d be much happier going for the 1.2 litre model, giving you all the power you need for your city driving.

Toyota Aygo vs Kia Picanto

Like the previous two cars, the Kia Picanto is also cheap to run and small, with great economy. It’s simple, and you notice that when you step inside, the dash is nicely laid out so there will be no complications when operating. 

There is an option on some models to get an 8-inch infotainment screen, the menu is simple to navigate and you even get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The downside of the interior is anyone over six feet will potentially struggle to feel comfortable, even though all models come with five doors. 

Driving this car is simple, parking couldn’t be easier because all corners of this car are easy to judge, making it perfect for tight spaces!

Toyota Aygo vs Citroen C1

The Citroen C1 gets some funky styling to match the Aygo! You can pick from a range of different colours to help you stand out. You can even get different coloured roofs and even a retractable canvas roof.

For the interior, you can again pick a range of colour options to make the inside of the Citroen C1 to your own liking, there’s also special edition models, just like the Toyota Aygo! There’s a large central touchscreen and there is plenty of space in the front to keep you comfortable, the back is small, on level with the Picanto and the boot is small also.

For a town car and for short trips, the Citroen C1 is great. However, if you plan to use the motorway often, then the UP, i10, or Aygo are better off for you.


Overall, the Toyota Aygo has a good amount of competitors, all are of a similar size and price. On the face, the Aygo seems like the best option due to the customisation and the different models available mean there is a model suited for most people. It more comes down to personal preference and what you think will suit you best. For someone who wants to show off their personality then the Aygo is the best option, with multiple colours and limited edition models being released to help you stand out. Why not check out the new Aygo X, it might just be the one for you!

Want to take a day trip but don’t want to venture too far? We’ve got you covered!


The Midlands is a landlocked region of the United Kingdom, but there’s still so much to do, with plenty of beaches within a comfortable driving distance for the perfect day trip in the summer. We’ve created a list of the 10 closest beaches to the East Midlands. Next time there’s a hot day, be spontaneous, get in the car and go! 




Skegness Beach 

  • 2 hr 20 min (91.0 mi) via A46 and A158 from Ilkeston. 

One of the most popular tourist destinations within the UK, Skegness is a certified Blue Flag area and is a great seaside location, with long stretches of sand perfect for games, walking and other activities. There’s plenty of things to do and places to visit near the beach, with a number of family friendly activities available, including go-karting, funfairs, rides and crazy golf just to name a few! If it’s relaxation you’re looking for then the Compass Gardens is the place for you to sit, relax and unwind. 

At night there’s plenty of destinations to enjoy top quality meals, bars to enjoy a few drinks, or you could even visit the Embassy Theatre, plus plenty more to keep you entertained! 

There’s plenty of paid car parks available, all within a short walking distance to the beach, and it’s definitely worth a visit when the weather is nice and you’re looking for something to do. 


Mablethorpe Beach 

  • 2 hr 33 min (92.7 mi) via A46 from Ilkeston. 

The perfect destination to visit with the family, this is the perfect seaside for the family with chalets to hire if you felt like staying for more than one day, or even donkey rides. There’s plenty of activities to keep the family entertained. If you’re into it, there’s even wind and sailing surfing facilities available, and it’s a brilliant place to enjoy a peaceful stroll. There’s plenty of car parks available nearby to the beach, which may be chargeable. Dogs are restricted during peak seasons to ensure even those who aren’t fond of dogs can have an enjoyable time. 


Cleethorpes Beach 

  • 1 hr 50 min (97.3 mi) via M1 and M180 from Ilkeston. 

Another family friendly beach, the award winning sandy beach of Cleethorpes, will be perfect for the family to enjoy a fun filled day out. You can hire a beach hut or deck chair to rest and relax, not to mention that it’s a great destination to go surfing, if the waves permit. For peace of mind, lifeguards are on duty to ensure everyone stays safe! There are nearby paid car parks, and dog restrictions do apply. 


Sandilands Beach

  • 2 hr 37 min (92.2 mi) via A46 from Ilkeston. 

A great destination if you are hoping to catch a sight of some seals on a sandy coastline. This is a popular beach, especially as it is dog friendly! It’s also a great place to enjoy the local fish and chips by the coast, paid parking is located next to the beach which makes Sandilands beach a brilliant getaway for the day. 


Ingoldmells South Beach

  • 2 hr 38 min (93.6 mi) via A46 and A158 from Ilkeston. 

Another Blue Flag awarded beach, there are a variety of restaurants, cafes and other shops within a short walking distance from the beach, it is more built up compared to other beaches, but there’s still plenty to keep you busy! Dogs are allowed on sections of the beach all year round and a multi-story car park is located close by. 


Moggs Eye Beach 

  • 2 hr 36 min (92.7 mi) via A46 from Ilkeston. 

Fun fact: this is also known as Huttoft Beach! If you are looking for a nice, quiet and rural beach, then look no further! It’s backed by grassy sand dunes, and there’s more than enough space (and sand) for activities and other games, this beach is popular for birdwatching, surfing, swimming and sea angling. A picnic area is also available as well as a dedicated paid car park and toilets! Moggs Eye Beach is also dog friendly. 


Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park 

  • 2 hr 37 min (91.6 mi) via A46 from Ilkeston. 

Picturesque views and wildlife are offered on the long, sandy beaches of the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park, you can walk for miles to make the most of your visit and enjoy the sea breeze, or you could just sit and relax by the beach. Dogs are permitted but have to be kept under control, and plenty of parking spaces are available around the coast. 


Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve

  • 2 hr 28 min (101.6 mi) via M1 from Ilkeston. 

Saltmarsh areas and sand dunes, this beach is more nature-focused, consisting of a variety of wonderful sights as well as protected flora and fauna, which makes this the perfect place to go exploring for the day. Dogs are not permitted onsite, and there are various entrances for the chargeable car park. 


Chasewater Country Park (Man-made)  

  • 1 hr 3 min (43.1 mi) via A38 from Ilkeston. 

If you don’t feel like travelling all the way to the coast, then Chasewater Country Park is a great option, it consists of a 90-hectare reservoir along the ‘coast’ and parking is only £1 for 2 hours or £3 for all day parking. So whether your intentions are to partake in activities or sit back and relax, the Chasewater Country Park is another great option. 


Bosworth Water Park (Man-made)

  • 49 min (33.8 mi) via A42 from Ilkeston. 

Once again, another man-made destination, consisting of a large lake, with plenty of space for everyone to have a fun time. There are a range of different activities for everyone to get involved in and have a fun-filled day, which makes this a perfect place to go with the family or a large group. A dog friendly destination with exclusive site parking with prices starting from £1.50 per hour, Bosworth Water Park brings the coastline fun right to the East Midlands. If you are based in or around Leicestershire then Bosworth Water Park is well worth a visit for a fun day out!


And that completes the list of the 10 best beaches within a reasonable driving distance from the East Midlands! The all new Toyota RAV4 would be a great vehicle for these trips!  

Some destinations may be a slightly longer drive, depending on where in the East Midlands you’re travelling from. The next time the sun is shining and the weather is nice enough, consider travelling to one of these destinations to make the most of the weather!  Don’t forget to keep up with our latest news to stay up to date!

We’re not even finished in 2022, yet here at Ron Brooks we are already celebrating some big milestones and accomplishments!

60th Birthday Celebrations

2022 marks a big milestone for Ron Brooks as we celebrate our 60th birthday! On Friday 29th July we will celebrate this milestone and we are inviting you to join us and make it a day to remember. A free family fun day, with a range of activities available such as game stalls, a race car simulator, and even a chance to meet ‘The Stig’, there will be plenty of fun to keep everyone entertained throughout the event. Food and drinks will also be available to keep you going. The event will commence at 10am and will last until 5pm, enough time for you to make the most of the day, and allowing us to celebrate with you and make some fun summer memories.

What’s on offer during the day:

  • ・Classic and future cars
  • ・Ilkeston brass band
  • ・Race car simulator 
  • ・Meet ‘The Stig’
  • ・Game stalls
  • ・Face painting 
  • ・Kids fun bus
  • ・Food and drink
  • ・Workshop tours
  • ・Erewash sound radio 

Ichiban Best Retailer in Town Award

As well as celebrating our 60th birthday, the event we are hosting will also be a celebration of the 2022 Ichiban Best Retailer in town award. Ichiban, in Japanese, translates to “Customer First”. The Ichiban award acknowledges the top centres around Europe who are some of the best in class at providing first class levels of customer service. This is the second Ichiban Best Retailer in town award which Ron Brooks’ Toyota centre in Ilkeston has won. One of the reasons that Ron Brooks has been around for so long is because of the first class service which is provided to the customers, we have always focused on exceeding customer expectations and the Ichiban award is proof of our top level customer service, and that is why we think it’s only right that we celebrate this award (and our birthday) with our customers, and community. 

We feel strongly that we have been able to reach our 60th birthday and receive our second Ichiban Best Retailer in Town award. This is thanks to our customers and our staff, and that’s why we think it’s only right that we celebrate these achievements together. 

We want to make a memorable day, because without our customers, our staff and our community, then we wouldn’t be able to celebrate achievements like these, so let’s make the most of it, together!

You’ll find us on 29th July at our Ilkeston centre. The Gateway, Derby Road, Ilkeston, DE7 5FH. We kindly ask that you email to confirm your attendance to

We hope that you are able to come and join us in celebrating our 60th birthday and our Ichiban award, there will be plenty to do to keep everyone entertained and busy throughout! In the meantime, feel free to read further about our Ichiban award. We hope to see you on Friday 29th July! 

With iconic models and years of invention, Toyota goes down in auto history, as a synonym for the Japanese car manufacturing prowess.

Looking for the ultimate list of Toyota stats? You’ve come to the right place!

Toyota History Facts

・In 1957, the Toyota Crown becomes the first passenger car made in Japan to be exported to the United States

・Toyota company headquarters are in Toyota City, an industrial city in Japan.

・In 2012 Toyota was the world’s first car manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year, also producing its 200 millionth vehicle.

・The Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid car, launched by Toyota in 1997.

・Toyota’s pickup truck entered market in 1947, the SB.


Toyota Sales Stats

・Toyota’s second-largest segment is the small SUVs segment. It accounted for 18% of the company’s revenue in 2020.

・In 2020 Toyota sold 9.528 million vehicles globally, owning the title of largest automaker in the world.

・Worldwide number of vehicles sold by Toyota (2021): 10.5M

・Although a Japanese company, the top worldwide market for the Toyota brand is the United States.

・Toyota sells more than 40 hybrid vehicle models around the world.



Toyota Company Stats

・Toyota Motor Corporation produces vehicles under five brands: Daihatsu, Hino, Lexus, Ranz and Toyota.

・Worldwide market share by revenue category: Toyota takes the lead with 10.62% market share, followed by Ford (7.3%) and Nissan (6.7%).

・Toyota’s global value: 27 billion dollars

・In 2002, Toyota began a development and demonstration program to test a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota FCHV.

・In 2015, Toyota released 5,600 patents for free use to promote global development of hydrogen fuel-cell technology.



Toyota Models Stats

・As of 2009, Toyota officially sells approximately 70 different models.

・From January 2020, Toyota Motor Corporation has sold 44 Toyota and Lexus hybrid passenger car models in over 90 countries and regions.

・The best-selling SUV in 2021 was the Toyota RAV4, leading with 1.03 million sales.

・In 2020, an estimated 649k people owned Toyota Yaris models.

・The Yaris was the most popular Toyota model in Great Britain, followed by the Aygo with 351k owners.

・As of 2021, Toyota has sold 50 million Corollas across twelve vehicle generations. 

・The Corolla is Toyota’s best selling car of all time.

・The Toyota Prius has long been the most successful hybrid on the market: In 2008, Toyota sold nearly 160k Prius hatchbacks, more vehicles than the rest of this 10 best selling hybrids list combined. 


Toyota Future Predictions Stats

・December 2021, Toyota announced it would invest $70 billion in electric vehicles by 2030

・Toyota has pledged to build 3.5 million battery-only electric vehicles per year worldwide by 2030, including cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

・Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, to be 100 percent electric by the end of the 2030 in the U.S.

・Toyota plan for six zero emission vehicles to be introduced by 2025.



Looking for a new Toyota SUV, but not sure which one to choose? Toyota has a wide range on the market that differs depending on your needs, ranging from city SUVs to family SUVs. Knowing which one would suit you the best, from features to towing capacity, may not be simple. To make it easier, we have broken down each of the models with what they have in common and how they differ from each other.

There are multiple benefits to owning an SUVs. SUVs are known for having higher seats, allowing for better visibility, more legroom/headroom, great towing abilities & great fuel economy. 

Best Toyota SUVs for the City

Toyota C-HR

The Toyota CH-R has two different engine options. A 1.8L Petrol Hybrid with 122hp & 53.2 – 57.6 MPG or 2.0L Petrol Hybrid with 184 horsepower & 49.5 – 53.2 MPG. There are 7 different models available of the C-HR, 4 available with the 1.8L & 3 available with the 2.0L. 

If you chose a 2.0L engine, choose from the Icon, Design, Excel & GR Sport. For the 2.0L, choose from the same model except the Icon. Here are some of the main differences:

Icon – Not Available as a 2.0L

  • ・Lane Trace Assist 
  • ・8” Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system 
  • ・Reversing Camera 
  • ・Dual-Zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Smartphone connectivity 


  • ・8” Toyota Smart Connect infotainment system with Apple car play 
  • ・Heated seats 
  • ・Front and rear parking sensors 
  • ・Simple Intelligent Parking Assist 
  • ・Smart entry


  • ・Heater steering wheel 
  • ・Puddle lights 
  • ・Blind spot monitors 
  • ・Adaptive front light system (LED) 
  • ・18” Dark Chrome Alloy wheels 

GR Sport

  • ・GR Sport badging
  • ・GR Sport Scuff plates
  • ・GR Sport Rear Diffuser 
  • ・Smoke tinted headlights 
  • ・Rear Cross Traffic Alert

If you are looking to use the C-HR for towing, all specs have a kerb weight of 1425-1460 KG & a maximum trailer weight of 725 KG. 

Check out our range of used Toyota C-HRs at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Available as a 1.5L petrol hybrid, with either FWD or Intelligent All Wheel Drive, the Yaris Cross is a Compact SUV packed with technology. Just like the C-HR, the Yaris Cross has four different options: the Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic. However for the Intelligent AWD, the dynamic is only available.  Here’s what you get from each model:



  • 8” Toyota Touch 2 
  • ・Pre-collision System 
  • ・Reversing Camera 
  • ・Adaptive range cruise-control 
  • ・A/C


  • ・Adaptive Cruise Control 
  • ・8” Toyota Touch 2 
  • ・Privacy Glass
  • ・Projector headlights
  • ・Aluminium roof rails


  • 9” HD Toyota Smart Connect 
  • ・Blind Spot Monitor 
  • ・Heated steering wheel 
  • ・Intelligent front & rear parking sensors


  • 9” HD Toyota Smart Connect, 
  • ・Heated Seats 
  • ・Adaptive Cruise Control
  • ・Dual-zone automatic air conditioning

Check out our range of used Toyota Yaris Crosses at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Toyota RAV4

This spacious 5 seater RAV4 has been described by Toyota as the “original SUV”. Available with two different engines, the RAV4 has a few different options to choose from, to match your driving style. 

Only available as a hybrid, the RAV4 comes with a 2.5L Petrol automatic hybrid engine with either front-wheel drive or ‘Intelligent All-Wheel Drive’. Looking at models, choose from the Icon, Design, Excel or Dynamic. The Icon is not available as the ‘Intelligent All-Wheel Drive’.

As per most cars on this list, the different models of the RAV4 differ by specification including: the infotainment system, alloy wheel size or smart entry. Some of the main differences include driver aids (including pre-collision systems, Lane Trace Assist and Blind Spot Monitor) and infotainment such as the ‘Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation’ and ‘Smartphone integration’.

Check out our range of used Toyota RAV4s at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Best Toyota SUVs for the Family

Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid

Equipped with a 2.5 Petrol Hybrid AWD-i engine with a 306hp, the Toyota RAV4 with 282.4 – 282.4 mpg. The two options available are Design & Dynamic. 

The Design has the Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with Apple Carplay & Android Auto. Features also include a remote control dual-zone automatic air conditioning, Pre-Collision System, Cross Traffic Alert and power back door. 

The Dynamic includes the 9” Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with built-in Apple Carplay & Android Auto, wireless phone charging, dual-zone automatic air conditioning & a power back door. 

Both of these RAV4 have a maximum trailer weight of 1500 KG. However, the Design has a kerb weight of 1910-1975 & the kerb weight of the Dynamic is 1930-1995. 


Check out our range of used Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrids at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.

Toyota Highlander

This 7 seater SUV is equipped with a 2.5L Petrol Hybrid engine, with ‘Intelligent All-Wheel Drive’, 248 horsepower & 39.2 – 39.7 mpg. The Excel Premium is fitted with everything you could possibly need, including heated steering wheel, heated front, passenger & rear seats, heads-up display, pre-collision system & smart rear-view mirror. 

If you are wanting to use the Excel Premium for towing, the Highlander has a maximum trailer weight (unbreaked) of 700 KG & a kerb weight between 2050 – 2105 KG. 

Check out our range of used Toyota Highlanders at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Best Toyota SUVs for Off-Road

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a 7 seater diesel SUV, capable of towing up to 3 tonnes. The Land Cruiser has a 2.8L diesel engine, with 204 horsepower & 27.9 – 31 miles per gallon. There are 4 different options of Land Cruiser, including the Invincible & 3 different types of Active:

  • ・3 door, 5 seater
  • ・5 door
  • ・7 seater, 5 door

But what is the difference between the Active & the Invincible? Here are some of the differences. 

Active Invincible 
  • ・17” Silver alloy wheels.
  • ・9” Toyota Touch 2 with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.
  • ・Cruise Control.
  • ・Sliding & reclining 2nd & 3rd row rear seats.
  • ・Reversing camera & reversing parking sensors. 
  • ・19” Bi-tone dark grey machined-face alloy wheels.
  • ・Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation
  • ・Heated passenger & driver seats 
  • ・Panoramic view monitor 
  • ・Multi-Terrain Select 

Check out our range of used Toyota Land Cruisers at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Toyota Hilux

Similar to the Mitsubishi L200, the Toyota Hilux is “the world’s toughest icon, since 1968”. Capable of towing 3.5 tonnes, the Hilux is a great option for anyone looking to tow a caravan or trailer. Available in 4 different engine types, the Hilux has the widest range of variety, compared to any other SUV on this list. 

When buying a Toyota Hilux, your choice of engines include: 

  • ・2.4L Diesel – Manual, all-wheel drive (28.5 – 31.7 MPG)
  • ・2.4L Diesel – Automatic, all-wheel drive (28.8 – 30.7 MPG) 
  • ・2.8L, 204hp Diesel – Manual, all-wheel drive (31.3 – 33.2 MPG)
  • ・2.8L, 204hp Diesel – Automatic, all-wheel drive (28.5 – 30 MPG)

There are 12 different models to choose from, split depending on the different engine. Below, we have broken down each model available, which engine it comes with and how they differ from each other. 

The Active comes in three different sizes:

  • ・2 door, single cab
  • ・4 door, extra cab
  • ・4 door, double cab

Active2.4 Diesel – Manual AWD

  • ・Pre-Collision system with pedestrian and cyclist detection 
  • ・4X4 – rear differential locks  
  • ・Adaptive Cruise Control 
  • ・Bluetooth 
  • ・Auto headlights

Icon – 2.4 Diesel – Manual & Automatic AWD

  • ・Reversing Camera 
  • ・Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system 
  • ・8” infotainment screen 
  • ・DAB radio 
  • ・Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Invincible2.4 Diesel – Manual & Automatic AWD2.4 Diesel – Manual & Automatic AWD, 2.8L – Diesel Manual & Automatic

  • ・LED Projector headlights 
  • ・Front & rear parking sensors 
  • ・Smart entry 
  • ・Heated driver & passenger seats 
  • ・Dual-zone A/C.

Invincible X – 2.4 Diesel – Manual & Automatic AWD, 2.8L – Diesel Manual & Automatic

  • ・Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation 
  • ・Privacy glass 
  • ・Heated front & rear seats 
  • ・Panoramic View Monitor display 
  • ・Power adjustable seats

GR Sport – 2.8 Diesel – Automatic AWD

  • ・9 Speakers 
  • ・JBL Premium Sound System 
  • ・Front and rear red monotube shock absorbers 
  • ・Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation 
  • ・Reversing camera

Check out our range of used Toyota Hiluxs at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.


Interested in one of these SUVs? Check out our range of Toyota SUVs, new and used. For more information and news, check out our news page.

Lee Belfield and Paul Ewing, Ilkeston local truckers, drove approximately 2000 miles from Erewash to Benidorm to raise funds for the local Air Ambulance, with the aid of Neil Haynes, Assistant Sales Manager at Ron Brooks Toyota.

The Air Ambulance Service operates emergency helicopter services to make bereavement through trauma rare. It is a crucial part of the emergency services that is not government-funded, and therefore entirely relies on donations to help them keep flying on these life-saving missions.

The drive for fundraising began on 9th May, travelling to Dover, setting sail for France on 10th, crossing countries and arriving in Benidorm on 14th.

Ron Brooks Toyota has donated the car for Lee and Paul to take on this charitable action. The car will be scrapped or sold on arrival, with any money raised also being added to the charity pot.  

Funds were also raised via a JustGiving web page for friends, family and the public at large to contribute. The initial target was set at £1,000 but the amount raised kept growing and came to a whooping £1,670 total.

Lee Belfield shared: 

“The job of an HGV driver may not seem that extraordinary, but when you are driving on the roads day in, day out, you quickly realise how dangerous the roads can be and have seen too many serious accidents to know that time is against any person unfortunate enough to be injured in a traffic incident.  

The air ambulance is a crucial part of the emergency services that are not government-funded and therefore entirely relies on donations like yours to help them keep flying these life-saving missions!”

Since producing the first Prius in 1997, Toyota has sold more than fifteen million hybrid electric vehicles around the world, saving more than 118 million tonnes of CO2.

Toyota has more hybrid models in more marketing segments than any other car manufacturer. 20 in Europe and 40 globally. According to Toyota, one out of two cars sold in Europe in 2019 was a hybrid. 3 years later that share continues to grow.

Toyota has released multiple hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, made to suit every driver. But what is the difference between each? We have broken down each model and spec to make it easier to find the right hybrid Toyota for you! Here’s what you need to know about each model. 

Toyota Yaris & Yaris Cross


The Toyota Yaris has been a firm favourite for drivers for years. Now, it’s been adapted to a self-charging Hybrid

Available as the Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a 1.5L Petrol Hybrid vehicle engine that produces 116 horsepower. The Yaris has a top speed of 108 mph and can do 0-62mphin 9.7s. 

Each of the different models of cars have slight tweaks in the spec, we have picked out 5 different features which sets the Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport apart. 

Yaris Design  

  • ・Privacy Glass.
  • ・Rear power windows.
  • ・8” infotainment system. 
  • ・LED rear combination lights.
  • ・LED daytime running lights


  • ・Front and rear intelligent parking sensor with automatic braking and clearance sonar. 
  • ・6 speakers 
  • ・Blind-spot monitor 
  • ・Automatic retractable door mirrors
  • ・17” alloy wheels 

GR Sport

  • ・Suspension turning (GR Sport) 
  • ・Sport seats
  • ・Reversing camera 
  • ・Dual-zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・18” alloy wheels


  • ・Automatic air conditioning 
  • ・Auto wipers 
  • ・7” Pro Touch infotainment system 
  • ・Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Smartphone connectivity
  • ・16” Chrome Alloy Wheels

Check out our range of used Toyota Yaris at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.

Yaris Cross

The Yaris Cross, a SUV packed with technology. 

When choosing your Yaris Cross, there are two engine choices. The first choice is a 1.5 Petrol Hybrid engine with front wheel drive. This produced 116 horsepower and the MPG is between 54.3 and 64.1. With this engine choice, you get 5 different options: Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic and Premiere Edition. Similar to the Yaris, each of these options have slightly different specs. The main differences include size and type of alloy wheels, infotainment system (either the 8” Toyota Touch 2 or 9” HD Toyota Smart Connect) and driver’s aids ranging from Adaptive Cruise Control to pre-collision systems. 

The second choice of engine is also a 1.5 Petrol Hybrid but with ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’. This produces 116 horsepower and the MPG is 55.3. With this engine, the Yaris Cross Dynamic is the one for you. The Dynamic is equipped with a 9-inch HD Toyota Smart Connect infotainment system with smartphone connectivity and navigation. The Dynamic also features ‘Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control’ and ‘dual-zone automatic air conditioning’.

Check out our range of used Toyota Yaris Crosses at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.


Just like the Toyota Yaris Cross, the C-HR has two different engine options. The first option is a 1.8L Petrol Hybrid engine with Front Wheel Drive. This produces 122 horsepower and the MPG is between 53.2 and 57.6. The second option is a 2.0L Petrol Hybrid engine with front wheel drive. This produces 184 horsepower and the MPG is between 49.5 and 53.2, making it a slightly more powerful engine. 

If you chose the 1.8L option, you have the choice of the Icon, Design, Excel and the GR Sport. If you chose the 2.0L option, you have the choice of the Design, Excel and the GR Sport but not the Icon.

With 4 different options available, it can be difficult to decide which one to pick. These are 5 different features that set the Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport apart. 


  • ・Lane Trace Assist 
  • ・8” Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system 
  • ・Reversing Camera 
  • ・Dual-Zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Smartphone connectivity 


  • ・8” Toyota Smart Connect infotainment
  • ・system with Apple car play 
  • ・Heated seats 
  • ・Front and rear parking sensors 
  • ・Simple Intelligent Parking Assist 
  • ・Smart entry


  • ・Heater steering wheel 
  • ・Puddle lights 
  • ・Blind spot monitors 
  • ・Adaptive front light system (LED) 
  • ・18” Dark Chrome Alloy wheels 

GR Sport

  • ・GR Sport badging
  • ・GR Sport Scuff plates
  • ・GR Sport Rear Diffuser 
  • ・Smoke tinted headlights 
  • ・Rear Cross Traffic Alert 

Check out our range of used Toyota C-HRs at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.

Toyota Corolla Hatchback & Corolla Touring Sport

Corolla Hatchback

Just like the Yaris Cross and C-HR, the Corolla Hatchback has two different choices of engines:

  • ・1.8L Petrol Hybrid – 122hp – 55.3 to 62.7 MPG
  • ・2.0L Petrol Hybrid – 184hp – 50.4 to 57.6 MPG 

However, no matter which engine you choose all 5 different models are available. These are the Icon, Icon Tech, Design, GR Sport and the Excel. These cars have some features which you may not be able to find on other hybrid models. 


  • ・Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 
  • ・Bluetooth 
  • ・Adaptive cruise control 
  • ・Automatic headlights 
  • ・Heated seats 

Icon Tech

  • ・Rear and front parking sensors
  • ・7” Coloured TFT screen for multi-information display 
  • ・Parking assist 
  • ・Adaptive cruise control 
  • ・16” alloy wheels


  • ・17” alloy wheels 
  • ・Automatic folding door mirrors 
  • ・Automatic dimming rear view mirror 
  • ・Auto wipers 
  • ・LED front fog lights 

GR Sport 

  • ・18” alloy wheels 
  • ・Heads up display 
  • ・Coloured TFT information display
  • ・Sport seats 
  • ・GR Sport badge and door scuff plates


  • ・Parking assist 
  • ・Black with red accents leather sports seats 
  • ・Smart entry
  • ・LED Dual-beam projector headlights 
  • ・Reversing camera 

Check out our range of used Toyota Corolla Hatchbacks at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Corolla Touring Sport 

The Corolla Touring Sport has the same engine options available and the same models with the same spec as listed above. However, there is an addition. The TREK. Only available with the 2.0L petrol Hybrid engine, key features on the TREK including ‘Hill-Start Assist Control’, ‘Black wheel arch moulding’, privacy glass, ‘TREK badge on the boot’, ‘TREK door scuff plates’, ‘kick-activated boot opening’ and ‘follow-me-home headlights’.  

Check out our range of used Toyota Corolla Touring Sport at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.

Toyota RAV4 & RAV4 Plug-in hybrid


The RAV4 has a choice of two engines. Both are 2.5L Petrol Hybrid engines, one with front wheel drive and 218HP. The second one has ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’ with 222HP. 

With the FWD, the models available include the Icon, Design, Excel and Dynamic. Just like the other models, the 4 different models have slight tweaks in the specification. The main differences include driver aids (including pre-collision systems, Lane Trace Assist and Blind Spot Monitor) and infotainment such as the ‘Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation’ and ‘Smartphone integration’. With the ‘Intelligent AWD’, the Icon is not included but there is an addition. 

The Adventure is one of the models available that is only found in the RAV4 models with the intelligent AWD. The Adventure’s features include puddle lights, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, ‘Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation’, ‘Toyota Skyview Panoramic roof’ and boot underfloor storage. 

Check out our range of used Toyota RAV4s at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.

RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid

If you are interested in a Plug-in Hybrid, check out the RAV4 PHEV. Equipped with a 2.5L Petrol Hybrid engine with 306HP and ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’. This engine does 282.4 MPG. There are three options available: the Design, the Dynamic and Dynamic Premium. These are the main differences between the models. 


  • ・Fast charge 32A Mennekes cable
  • ・Rear cross traffic alert 
  • ・9” Toyota Touch 2 
  • ・18” alloy wheels 
  • ・Pre-collision systems 


  • ・19” alloy wheels 
  • ・Wireless mobile phone charger
  • ・Power back door
  • ・Remote controlled Dual-zone automatic air conditioning 
  • ・9” Toyota Touch 2 

Dynamic Premium

  • ・JBL Premium Sound Systems  
  • ・9 Speakers 
  • ・Memory function on driver seats 
  • ・Panoramic roof 
  • ・Heads Up Display

Check out our range of used Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrids at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham.

Toyota Highlander

The final model of the Hybrid Toyota is the Highlander. The engine is a 2.5 petrol Hybrid engine with ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’ and 248HP. The two models of choice are the Excel and the Excel Premium.

The Excel is equipped with a panoramic roof, pre-collision systems with cyclist detection, and intersection turn assist, ‘Lane Trace Assist’ ‘JBL Premium Sound System’ and ‘Rear Cross Traffic Alert with Automatic Braking’. The Excel Premium includes ‘Smart rear-view mirrors’, a heated steering wheel and seats, heads up display and ‘Panoramic View Monitor’. 

Check out our range of used Toyota Highlanders at Ron Brooks, Nottingham and Derby.

Electric Toyotas 

Toyota has announced that at least 10 new battery EVs are due in the next 5 years. According to Move Electric, six models within Toyota’s Beyond Zero range could be on sale by the end of 2026. It has also been tipped that Toyota’s concept car bZ Compact SUV Concept could be revealed in its production form in 2023. 

However, you don’t need to wait until then to get your hand on Toyota EVs! Two are available to buy now – the Toyota bZ4X & Proace Electric!

Toyota bZ4X

The Toyota bZ4X is Toyota’s “ultimate all-electric SUV”. With 317 miles of range on a full charge, the bZ4X has a sleek design and a confident and imposing presence. If you are looking for a fantastic driving experience, the bZ4X has outstanding performance. This EV is very responsive with great speed and torque. 

To make charging easier, the bZ4X has three charging options that allow for flexibility. These three options are rapid public charging, plug into a socket at home or a fast charging wall box. 

The Toyota bZ4X has three options: Vision, Pure and Motion. Each of these has a few tweaks in the spec to set them apart. Here are the main differences: 


  • ・20” Alloy wheels 
  • ・Kick-activated power back door
  • ・Advanced parking assist 
  • ・Intelligent Clearance Sonar 
  • ・Memory Function on driver seat
  • ・Additional 160kw Motor & 71.4 kWh battery option (218hp)


  • ・18” Alloy wheels 
  • ・8” Toyota Smart Connect with smartphone connectivity 
  • ・Reversing camera 
  • ・Energy Saving Heat Pump
  • ・Pre-Collision System 


  • ・18” Alloy wheels 
  • ・12.3” HD Toyota Smart Connect with smartphone connectivity
  • ・Wireless phone charging 
  • ・360 Panoramic View Monitor 
  • ・Driver Monitoring Camera
  • ・Additional 160kw Motor & 71.4 kWh battery option (218hp)

Check out our new Toyota bZ4X for sale at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham

Proace Electric

“A van for all your business needs”! Combining the practicality and capabilities of the original Proace with an efficient electric battery, the Proace Electric is reliable and built to last. With a range from 142 to 205 miles, the Proace can do it all. 

There are two different engines available for the Proace Electric, this is the 50kWh battery with 150hp and the 75kWh battery with 175hp. Looking at payload weight, the 75kWh battery has a maximum weight of 100kg. The 50kWh battery has a payload weight of 1,226kg and a 1,000kg towing capacity. 

The specification of the Proace Electric includes 

  • ・16” Steel wheels 
  • ・7” Pro Touch multimedia system 
  • ・Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation 
  • ・Two side sliding doors 
  • ・180-degree opening on rear wind doors. 

Check out our new Toyota Proace Electric for sale at Ron Brooks, Derby and Nottingham. 

And those are the hybrid and electric vehicles that Toyota have to offer. Check out our range of Toyota, new and used at our Nottingham and Derby dealerships. For more information and news, check out our news page.

A History of Ron Brooks Toyota

Founded in 1962, Ron Brooks has held a Toyota franchise at their Ilkeston dealership for nearly half a century, making them one of the longest-running Toyota Centres in the UK.

In recent years, the Ron Brooks group have launched a Toyota dealership in Mansfield (2003) and opened their doors to their first-ever Suzuki Dealership in Mansfield (2015) but it’s the Ilkeston Toyota centre for which they have become synonymous.

In 2018, the Ilkeston Centre was awarded the Toyota Retailer of the Year and in the same year, the Toyota Ilkeston and Mansfield Centres won the highest combined award, known as Customer Drive Area, within the Toyota network.

The following year, Ron Brooks was awarded the Franchise Dealership of the Year Award at the Motor Trader Industry awards as many industry bodies started to recognise Ron Brooks Toyota for its history, hard work and success.

A Background of Toyota

Almost 30 years before the launch of Ron Brooks, in 1933, Toyota launched under the division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works when Sakichi Toyoda invented the world’s first automatic loom and set up the Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company in 1918.

In 1929, the loom impressed a British Company that bought its production and sales rights to it and the money went on developing cars. The first-ever Toyota passenger car was launched in 1936, with many household names such as the Corolla, Land Cruiser, Hilux & Century coming in the ’50s & ’60s and remaining ever-present on UK roads to this day.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Iconic Toyota Models Then & Now

We’ve taken a look below at 10 iconic Toyota models throughout history and how they have changed since they were launched versus the latest version.

Some interesting facts:

  • All 10 models have got both wider and heavier!
  • 9/10 have got longer (only the Supra shrunk)
  • 7/10 got taller (the Prius, Land Cruiser and Crown all got smaller)
  • The Land Cruiser has increased the most in length, 22% longer than its 1951 counterpart!
  • The Tacoma has grown the most in height, 14% taller than the ‘95 version
  • The Corolla has got both wider and heavier than any other model!


Toyota Corolla (1966)

  • Has got wider and heavier than any of the other 10 iconic Toyota models analysed

Launched the same year that England won the world cup, the Toyota Corolla has gone on to be one of the best selling cars in the world. As of 2021, 50 million Corollas have been sold worldwide over 12 generations and Ron Brooks has been a part of that since production. Almost unrecognisable from the original, today’s Corolla’s are just as much of a design classic.


Toyota Prius (1997)

  • Got 1% smaller since the 1997 launch
  • However, has got longer, wider and heavier

The fully hybrid electric Toyota Prius is seen by many as the original hybrid and has been championing the cleaner fuelled revolution for over 20 years. Its icon status has been boosted by its adoption from taxi and ride-hailing services where its reliability and quiet driving have made it a firm favourite. Coupled with a stylish exterior and luxury interiors, it’s clear to see why the Prius has stood the test of time.


Toyota Land Cruiser (1951)

  • One of just 3 famous Toyota models on our list to shrink in height since its first launch
  • Has increased in weight by a whopping 33%

Launched in 1951, the Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest-running series of models. Sales of the Land Cruiser surpassed 10 million units globally as of 2019 and show no sign of slowing down. And it’s easy to see why this model is so popular, especially in countries with tough terrain such as Australia, as the Land Cruiser is notoriously reliable and hard-wearing. 


Toyota RAV4 (1994)

  • Has increased in length, height, width and weight since ‘94

One of the newer iconic models on the list, the RAV4 is another infamous SUV from Toyota. It was initially designed to have all the benefits of SUVs, such as space and 4 wheel drive as well as the handling and economy of a smaller car. The name of the Toyota RAV4 is an abbreviation of “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive”.


Toyota Hilux (1968)

  • The Hilux has increased in height, width and weight 

Launched in 1968, the Toyota Hilux is known for being able to handle tough terrain. The Toyota Hilux is the best selling Pick Up, with over 18 million shifted throughout the world and although the vehicle has changed a lot over the years, the original recipe has stayed the same. The popularity of the Hilux has continued to grow with sales in Europe doubling since 2012. With a 2.8 litre, 204 DIN hp 500Nm diesel engine, the Hilux is unstoppable.


Toyota Supra (1978)

  • The length has decreased by 5.39% 
  • The height, width and weight have increased

Even though there are 20 years between releases, the Toyota Supra doesn’t fail to impress. The Supra is a collaboration with BMW making this car worthy of the Supra badge. The car features racing-inspired aerodynamics and technology that you wouldn’t expect on a car. The meaning of Supra, says it all! 


Toyota Tacoma (1995) 

  • The Tacoma has increased in length, height, width and weight


​​First released in 1995, the Tacoma is another awesome pickup truck by Toyota. With sales of over 250,000 in 2020 alone, the Toyota Tacoma is one of the best selling midsize pickup trucks available on the market. Related to the Toyota Hilux, the Tacoma has changed over the years but the key points have stayed the same. Known for having no limits, the Toyota Tacoma is ready for anything!


Toyota Crown (1955)

  • The height has decreased by 4.75% 
  • The length, width and weight have all increased

Since being released in 1955, the Toyota Crown has seen multiple generations. The car is a classic. It has a reputation for being extremely reliable and just a great car to drive. That has continued throughout the generations. 


Toyota Century (1967)

  • The Toyota Century has increased in length, height, width and weight


This luxury vehicle only got better over the years. First released in 1967, the Toyota Century was inspired by the Toyota Crown Eight in 1964. Only minor changes were made to the Century until 1997 when it was completely redesigned and again in 2018. Although the Century has gone through multiple redesigns, it has remained a classic and luxury car. 


Toyota Camry (1982) 

  • The Camry has increased in length, height, width and weight

First released in 1982, the Toyota Camry is “the next level of hybrid”. With over 33,000 sold in 2020, it has become very popular. What used to originally be a compact car, the Camry has since grown and been developed to suit the modern era of cars, that is both elegant and practical. With its 2.5L inline 4-cylinder engine, the Camry is ready for you! 


I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane looking back at how some of the most iconic Toyota models have evolved and changed over the 60 years that Ron Brooks has been in business. We’ll be celebrating this milestone over the coming year so make sure you keep an eye on our blog and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more information.

Car shows are now back on the calendar! For any car enthusiast, car shows can be a great day out. Each car show has something different to offer. Whether you are a classic car enthusiast or a sports car enthusiast, Here are the top 9 local car shows in the Midlands that you don’t want to miss.

National Car Show 

The National Car Show, a fuelled day out with live racing and ‘speed action’. Featuring modified and luxury cars and drift passenger rides, the National Car Show 2023 is claimed to be their ‘BIGGEST and BEST show yet’. Tickets are available to buy on the CarCalendar website. For more information, click here

When: Sat, 3rd June 2022 – 09:00 – 18:00

Where: Everyman Racing, Driving Centre, Prestwold Lane, Prestwold, Loughborough

Weekend Of Wheels 

Coffee N Cars are back with their 2 day event Weekend Of Wheels. With live bands, traders, bars, food and so much more, this is an event that you don’t want to miss. For more information, click here.

When: Fri, 28th – 30th July 2023 

Where: Moorgreen, Willey Land, Nottingham 

Supercar Fest 

Interested in Supercars? Check out Supercar Fest in May 2023. With a Supercar Paddock, Performance & Sports Car Show, and Hypercar Zone, the Supercar Fest is a great event for all supercar and hypercar fans. Camping is also available. With so much to do, the Supercar fest is a weekend for all ages. For more information, click here.

When: Sat, 21tst May 2023 

Where: Sywell Aerodrome, Hall Farm, Northamptonshire, Sywell 

Great British Land Rover Show 

If you are interested in Land Rovers, this car show is for you. From classic to modified cars, this show is all things Land Rover. The Land Rover Show includes ‘Land Rover Experiences’, ‘ Land Rover Walkabouts’, ‘Off-Road Courses’, and ‘Land Rover Clubs’. Save 50% on tickets, when you book in advance. For more information, click here.

When: Sat, 29th – 30th July 2023

Where: Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Coddington, Newark

Derwent Valley TSSC Peak Run

For all makes and models, the Derwent Valley TSSC Peak Run is an 80 mile drive through the Peak District with 50-70 classic cars. Finish one of Derbyshire’s attractions. The run will take place on the 23rd June 2022. This fun-filled weekend consists of 4 nights of camping, entertainment and activities and has been enjoyed for the last 30 years. For more information, click here.  

When: Sun, 25th June 2023

Where: Peak Gateway Leisure Club, Moor Lane, Ashbourne, DE1 1NA

Donington Historic Festival 2023

Donington Historic Festival is the place for classic car races. With “two exhilarating days, celebrating eight decades of motorsports”, witness high-speed races including ‘Jaguar Classic Cars’, ‘The Amon Cup for Ford FT40s’ and ‘Mad jack for Pre-War Sports Cars. If you are a part of a car club, why not register! Take advantage of the 50% on ticket discount. For more information on the DTF, click here

When: Sat 29th April – Sun 30th May 2023

Where: Donington Park Circuit, Castle Donington, Derby

Notts Classic Car & Motorcycle Show

If you’re interested in classic, vintage, and modern classic cars, the Notts Classic Car & Motorcycle Show might just be for you. With modern car dealership stands, autojumble and trade stalls, food, and bars, what more could you ask for? For more information, click here.

When: Sun 30th – Mon 1st May 2023 – 09:00 to 18:00 (expected)

Where: Thoresby Park, Newark

Ilkeston Heritage Show

The Ilkeston Heritage and Classic Vehicle Show is back for another year. From classic cars to lorries and trackers, learn the history of each extraordinary vehicle with their owners. Shop around the local business which will also be open. For more information, click here

When: Sunday 13th August 2023

Where: Ilkeston Town Centre, DE7 5HF

Nottinghamshire County Show

The Nottinghamshire County Show is a local farming event, celebrating everything from livestock to local food and we’re delighted to be back this year so pop over and say hello at our Toyota stand.

There’s loads of fun for all the family including our Notts Young Farmers Annual Lawnmower Racing, Countryside Activities, Festival of Food and much more!

When: Saturday 13th May 2023

Where: The Showground, Lincoln Road,
Winthorpe, Newark, NG24 2NY


Have a great time at car shows this year, make the most of it. For more information and news, check out our news page

Looking for the most scenic roads to drive on in the Peak District? Look no further!

The stunning Peak District in Derbyshire was the UK’s 1st National Park after being designated in 1951 and this year celebrated over 70 years of National Park status. To celebrate, we here at Ron Brooks, based in nearby Ilkeston & Mansfield, have clubbed together to choose our top 10 Peak District drives.

Surrounded by Manchester, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby, Stoke & Macclesfield, the Peak District covers a huge area in the centre of the UK and welcomes over 13 million tourists per year. If you’ve ever had the luxury of taking a drive through the beautiful landscape, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular!

From quaint, idyllic villages and winding country roads to vast open expanses and unforgiving terrain, the Peak District really is a driver’s paradise. Our list below tries to encompass all of the above to give a true reflection of what makes the UK’s oldest National Park as enjoyable as it is to take a trip through.

Snake Pass

You’ll probably have heard of Snake Pass on the news – it’s usually the first road to get closed due to ice or snow in the winter months and this road is for the faint of heart! It’s closed for an average of 70 days per year due to the bad conditions.

A mountain pass at an elevation of 512m above sea level, Snake Pass is great fun to drive and is set to a stunning backdrop. At 26.1 miles long and with a 10.2% maximum gradient, it has frequently featured in the Tour of Britain and is certainly worthy of its place on our list.

Monsal Head to Longstone Edge

Moving further down towards Bakewell, the Monsal Head to Longstone Edge route takes you across vast, lush greenery, but no shortage of pubs to stop off and refuel at! As you’d expect these places make the most of their location so it’s worth sitting outside in the summer months and soaking up the views of the hills and River Wye whilst you’re grabbing a bite to eat.

This route takes you through a few idyllic villages so be sure to check out the awe-inspiring architecture whilst you’re there!

Winnats Pass

Another hill pass, this time with even bigger inclines (28% in some places!), Winnats Pass gets its name from the swirling winds you’ll encounter on your journey! Lying to the west of the village of Castleton, between the small towns of Hope and Sparrowpit, it spans over almost 6 miles of beautiful scenery.

You’ll even get a view of the incredibly popular Mam Tor valley which is wildly popular with hikers and also features in our list.

Derwent Dams

The Derwent Dams, near Sheffield, are a stunning backdrop for the 8 miles route which is close to one of our other favourites, Snake Pass, which combined make for a great day’s driving! The Toyota Highlander is a great choice for these country roads.

Home of the Dambusters, this location is full of history and stunning woodlands making it a hit with tourists so be aware that the Dams often get very busy, especially in peak times.

Cat ‘n’ Fiddle

Back down between Buxton and Macclesfield, the Cat ‘n’ Fiddle road is another great route named after a pub! Perhaps unsurprisingly, the road winds around the pub itself in a series of complicated hairpins and twists but the views are certainly worth it.

A particular favourite with bikers, the 12-mile Cat ‘n’ Fiddle road takes approximately 20 minutes to drive. It’s super fun but not the easiest to navigate, so much so that average speed cameras have been added along the route to try and curb the levels of accidents amongst motorcyclists.

Mam Tor

One of the most famous walks in the Peak District is Mam Tor. The 517-metre hill is a relatively short walk of under two hours, but the drive is much shorter whilst still leaving you mesmerised by the view of the limestone parts of the National Park. The summit is well worth the physical effort, with some stone steps to help less experienced hikers.

This stopping ground can get fairly busy so if you want peace and quiet and a photo at Mam Tor trig point, opt for a visit during the week.


Buxton is surrounded by the Peak District on three sides so anyone who visits will be immersed in the beauty of it all. Known for its natural thermal springs, it is the perfect stopping ground for anyone who wants a bit of relaxation in nature. Buxton is known as the spa town: who wouldn’t want to visit it?

Chatsworth House

Chatsworth is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, so prepare for plenty of elegance when you swing by. Set on the banks of the River Derwent, in the heart of the Peak District, prepare to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Derbyshire High Peaks. Explore the beautiful garden, woodlands and park, with activities suitable to any age.

Bamford Edge

The Bamford Edge walk is a 5.4-mile loop trail that leads you alongside the river, but can be shortened should you choose to drive and comfortably take in the magnificent sights. The climb will be short but fairly steep and will take you right to the edge of the Ladybower Reservoir with gorgeous natural views that extend beyond what your eyes can see.

Be camera ready for the picturesque trail and if the weather is pleasant, extend your drive along the eastern shore of the reservoir and find the Slippery Stones plunge pool – a hit with youngsters and adults alike.

Eyam to Hathersage

The drive from Eyam to Hathersage is incredible and one that cannot be missed. The goal here is not to simply arrive in Hathersage, but truly enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Even on eerie cloudy days, the road will take you along breathtaking views where woodlands and traditional towns live side by side. The Toyota Prius L Eco is your best choice for a country drive like this: quiet, roomy inside and with plenty of cargo space should you choose to make it an overnight trip.


There you have them: 10 of the best drives in the Peak District to enjoy on your next free day. Remember: drive safe, take some snacks and enjoy the ride!